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Allen West now an object of Colbert Report mockery

The spat between Broward representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Allen West is as political as it is personal. Here's today's story about the roots, fallout and benefits of the feud. Now, it's an object of Comedy Central mockery --something that can't be helpful to those who want West to run as a statewide U.S. Senate candidate in Florida.

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Devin Gray MD

Colbert is right-on! I don't see how West could be taken seriously as a US senate candidate. He would stand no chance against Bill Nelson.


libs are worried west might run for pres they are character assassinating early this time around.


teaj, you need to stop smoking the tea and get back to the real world.

What West did is below sophomoric, it is worthy of a child, not a politician. he took something that was quite correctly said in debate, in the chamber, and inflated it into a personal attack.

Jethro Bodine

The Wasserman-West feud is great political theater. Representative West is a stand up guy who isn't going to let Wasserman's "signifying" go unchallenged.


This man is an embarrassment to our Country.


He was thrown out to the Military because he is a Whack Job! He should be in Leavenworth Prison for the crimes he committed while in
the military.


The funny thing is he attacked the congresswomen for being "cowardly" because she didnt detail her critisms to his face while he calls her vicious names through an email....the irony here..lol Whatever position you have you have to call a spade a spade..and he sounds ridiculous.


teaj, the libs aren't doing in allen west.........allen west is doing in allen west.....

Independent Thinker

West hired a hate radio talker for his DC staff when she was cut loose after promoting gun violence if the Tea party couldn't get its way. West backed down then and he should back down now. His email tantrum was a classic tea party hissy fit. When someone calls them out for gutting Medicare to save Billionaires a few extra points on their tax bill they lose their minds. "Waaah! Waah! stop picking on me!!" What a cry baby.


Adam West would be better qualified.


Allen West is the best thing that has happened to Southern Florida. I clear voice of reason and honesty. Refreashing!

Liberals who continue to hate the successful, bring down those who work hard, take risks and become wealthy. Claiming they are now somehow evil for their prosperity that pays the Government Tab......you are the vile ones


IndianapolisLibertarian . . . really? No one said they were evil per se. But their prosperity pays the government tab? Those that are paying attention know the wealthy are not paying their share or sometimes anything at all in taxes . . . Allen West is about as "refreashing" as a glass of Florida swamp water . . .

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