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Allen West rebuffs talk of a U.S. Senate run. Again. Bad idea?

The St. Peterburg Times' Alex Leary caught up with U.S. Rep. Allen West yesterday in Washington amid renewed speculation that he'd enter the race. Once again, West gave the same (and perhaps unwise) answer.

"This is where I'm supposed to be," West said. "What would I look like? (Voters) sent me up here to do this job and I need to stay focused. Look at these issues. I need to stay right here."

Ok, so it's not a clear "no." But it's darn close. And it's a strange answer.

First off, it posits there's a big difference between being a Rep. and Senator. Both are based "right here" in Washington. Both are members of Congress, the premier do-little body of American politics. True, Senators stay in office longer (6 as opposed to 2 years), so they have more time to do less with all their kabbalistic parliamentary procedures and cloak-room intrigue.

Also, if West wants to "stay right here" in Washington, chances are pretty good that he might have a better shot running for Senate. That's because he's based in liberal Broward County, where it'll be tough to draw a district that returns him (it's especially true now that the state Constitution ties the hands of legislators in drawing districts that favor or disfavor an incumbent or political party).

If West ran statewide, he could do what most Republicans do: Worry more about the 66 other counties in Florida rather than the People's Republic of Broward. Judging by the $1.5 million he raised as a sitting congressman (far more than any Republican senate candidate), West would have a relatively easy time in the GOP primary. And because President Obama will be on the 2010 ballot, it's a good bet black turnout will be high, giving West a chance at eating into the Democratic base against incumbent Bill Nelson.


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This guy is a moron

I don't think so

Judging by the fact that West has admitted he thinks anyone who supports Obama is too stupid to able to vote, it is doubtful there would be much Democratic crossover vote in a Senate race.
Perhaps on the larger stage his caustic views would get more attention and not be well received, as they are far from mainstream.
His partisan politics are also a turnoff to myself and many voters.


any way to get him out of office, befgore he is eligible for a pension would fine with me




Allen West is a tool. He has only lived on government paychecks. Contrary to his reactionary "less government" rhetoric.

He'll be a one term representative. Frankly I don't know if he even knows the difference between the senate and the house. It's all just a "gubment" paycheck to him. Why run for the senate when he may lose and then he's out of his current paycheck.

lisa P

thank you Mr. West not only you speak for me and my family but finally some one told that "mop head" that she is not all that, and that the people has spoken, you got our vote we need more people like you, thank you

James T

If Republicans think African-Americans will vote for West simply because he is black, they need to have their heads examined. Since the Republican "Southern-Strategy" when erstwhile Democrats became Republicans, at least 95% of African-Americans have voted for Democratic candidates. West stands a better chance of getting the KKK vote than the vote of African-Americans.


In regard to the writer who called LtCol West a tool? I say Sir are you calling all those who have and do serve the United States in the armed forces tools? I hope not, that it is just a misstatement. Having served the United States as a Marine I can assure you it wasn't for "gubment" paychecks but love of country, pro deo, pro patria. I truly hope in the future you consider your words carefully, had you addressed his competence as a politician, or his stance on subjects by bringing up facts, fair enough, but please leave out the personal attacks. Issues not personalities.

USMC 1979-1981

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