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Allen West: Why I voted for the Boehner plan

From a press release

Congressman Allen West (FL-22) wrote a letter to the American people today explaining his vote in favor of the Budget Control Act.

Excerpts from the letter:

"The Budget Control Act is far from perfect but the hard reality is that fiscal conservatives control only one-half of one-third of our government. This bill will make sure the President does not receive a blank check to continue his spending binge and the old ways of Washington, DC - blindly increasing the debt limit without spending cuts- are over. This vote is historic- it’s the first time we are raising the debt ceiling with cuts greater than the increase.

I learned when I was a solider at Fort Irwin National Training Center that when Officers waste too much time trying to come up with the perfect plan, they fall short because they are too inflexible or divided to see the path to victory. However, if you can come up with a 70-75 percent plan and execute it well, then you can win- and that’s what we have in the Budget Control Act.

The Budget Control Act is not perfect, but it is the 70 percent plan that my colleagues and I can execute to 100 percent.

It is now time for the focus to be on the United States Senate to produce a plan to take this country forward.

My fellow Americans, I ask you: If I had voted “No” on the Budget Control Act, who would I have been voting for?"

Full letter here: Download Westletter


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Wild Wilard

He broke his cut cap and balance pledge.

West doesnt have the guts to take the heat. Why he was in the Army not in the Marines.


My fellow Americans, I ask you: If I had voted “No” on the Budget Control Act, who would I have been voting for?"

You would have been voting for REAL spending cuts.


Nothing is ever good enough for some tea party folks. They were just holding rallies for West a week ago, now they're dumping him.


Who is Allen West's employer? His constituents or his political party big wigs?


Unfortunately, he's right. Plus, politically speaking, the ball is in the Dems hands. The Repubs have voted for and passed two bills in two weeks. The Dems have not put a plan on paper.

Alfred E. Newman

Allen West Voted for the plan because he was punked by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She called him out and pulled back the urtian to reveal a weak as ashes all talk no action wimp.


In the April-June period, Exxon's profits jumped 41 percent to $10.7 billion, the biggest since Exxon hit a corporate earnings record of $14.8 billion in the third quarter of 2008. Shell's net income nearly doubled to $8.7 billion and BP earned $5.6 billion compared with a loss of $17.2 billion last year. Chevron Corp. is expected to enjoy a healthy profit bump as well -- $7.19 billion.. They buy our politicians to get the tax breaks that bankrupt our country. What a shame..


Semper Fi Congressman West~!


Allen West made an intelligent, practical decision; we need more people like him in Washington.

Vincent Latham

Wow, another reference to his military past. Any credit that might have accrued to this guy due to the fact that he won the War in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq(n) vanished the moment he chose his current hair style.


Alan West is neither intelligent or practical, he is insane. He had to do something after his ridiculous "drive that car" comment. Next election we need to consign him back to the obscurity he so rightfully deserves.


taxpayers---sold down the river again by the crooks in DC--borrowing more trillions for earmarks and deals for friends, when the country is near bankruptcy. Congratulations chumps--you've been had!


Agreeing or disagreeing with Allen West vote is the American way, However, I respect his integrity, at least he explains why he voted the way he did, something many politicians have never done. By the way, I happen to agreed with his vote.


West voted for the Boehner Bill because he is a drone, a fall-in-line footdragging Tea Bagger.


You're an Idiot.
We already know.


Your Congressman is an idiot. We have an immediate and impending crisis that needs to be addressed today. A balance amendment would require years of effort and will never pass.

Semper Fi

Mr. West,

Your argument is disingenous at best when you state that "fiscal conservatives control one half of one third of the government." The United States Constitution places control over the budget in the hands of the House of Representatives, not the executive and not the judicial branches of the government. Further, the House has more control over the budget than does the Senate.

While it is possible to agree on the fact that the US government has been spending more money than it has, there can be reasonable disagreement as to WHY that is and thus, what the appropriate corrective measures should be.

To have a budget shortfall and strictly argue that it should be balanced through spending cuts and not looking at revenue enhancement is not the approach that I support. I fail to see why the uber-rich should have a tax consequence far below recent historic levels. I hear the argument that these are the "job creators" but I fail to see the jobs that they are creating and have been creating as a consequence of their reduced tax burden. They are a group that can, and in my opinion SHOULD, contribute more so as to increase the revenue that the government takes in, thus reducing the deficit.

To abdicate responsibility on the House of Representatives by claiming less responsibility than is actually the case, is much like the position that you only have 16% control (one half of one third). To say that the low taxes on the uber-rich (your term: job creator) allow them to support the government and population by creating jobs is a nice statement, but I do not see the evidence for it.

Semper Fi


We can not balance the budget without repealing the Bush Tax Ponzi Scheme. The math does not work teabaggers. Once we realize that then maybe we can get serious about balancing the budget. This is about eliminating the government. starving the government and getting ride of the programs they disagree with without going through the proper legislative process.

The teabaggers will not be happy until the only government is a military government. No public schools, no public highways, no postal service.


Semper Fi
If you are actually a marine, I thank you for your service to our country. I would have thought however that a marine would be more capable of thinking through a situation. Alan West is right when he says that we need to ensure “the President does not receive a blank check to continue his spending binge.” Liberals have had decades to slowly move our country towards socialism. Conservatives are not going to change that over night. We must hold this president in check until the next election when conservatives can take the Senate and the White House. With the likes of Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, and Chuck Schumer, the Senate will never pass a conservative measure. Contain the damage they can do and move forward in 2012. It’s almost here. Alan West is right. He is also conservative and smart. Stop Obama now and fix his damage when we actually can.



Okay, lets get real. The Republican "fiscal conservatives" owned Washington from 2001 to early 2007. What was the result, lets look at the thing conservatives hate, facts:

1) Clinton's balance surplus that was used, not to paydown debt, but for a tax cut

2) Taking the government from a net surplus to a net deficit( abig time net deficit)

3) Using the US credit card and borrow from the Chinese to nation build in Iraq and Afganistan($1 Trillions)

Now, because of the failed ideology they are asking the greatest generation and the baby boomers to flip the bill.


Bush asked for 7 hikes in the debt ceiling, which the republican led congress approved each time. Bush spent us into an 11 trillion deficit, from a balanced budget with surpluss. Why all of a sudden, considering Obama has had to spend several trillion of his 3.8 trillion addition to the debt to fight wars Republicans led us into, do these Republicans want to stop spending and stop paying our bills via raising the debt ceiling?


"The surplus is not the government's money. The surplus is the people's money. Now is the time to reform the tax code and share some of the surplus with the people who pay the bills, " George W. Bush said at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

The Clinton budget surplus and more surplus projections for the following 10 years were destroyed. The rest is history.


SoBeSparky, you are so right. All of the "fiscal" conservatives applauded. What they were saying is "deficits don't matter". Now they want to solve te deficit off the backs of seniors for their failed policy.


DeanD, you are utterly and tragically misinformed. How do you justify a statement that "Liberals have had decades to ....move the country towards Socialism" when the the USA has one of the highest rates of income disparity - the highest since the Great Depression? When the USA ranks 28th in the world for paid time off to average employees? When health care is unaffordable for the average American?
Obama is as much a socialist as you are a credible source of information and opinion.
Allen West clearly represents interests counter to most of his constituents. Unfortunately, many of his supporters get their "facts" from false propaganda sources.


SoBeSparky wrote,

The Clinton budget surplus and more surplus projections for the following 10 years were destroyed. The rest is history.

Okay, I buy your argument, that you disagreed with the tax cuts, so this year when you do your taxes do not collect your return, and give it to the government, so you can contribute to the deficit.




Bush's chinese funded tax cuts, are not tax cuts!!! It is an IOU to be paid later....with INTEREST. So if my taxes or tax increase is used to pay down debt that we will not leave as a burden to our kids, then it should be done.


To the politicians War is good for business invest your children

Does anybody here think our U.S. congress/ us senate aka government can live on minimum wage?

Why Not Have congress/senate Paid By Minimum-Wage


I would love to meet this "tough guy" that likes to pick on women. He reminds me of bullies I would smack around and would seize their behavior. I will put my Marines training to his Army training anytime of the day. For your information Mr. West, just because you ride your bike with your sausage party and were part of the Army family doesn't make you a tough guy.


How embarrassing is this letter when "soldier" is misspelled and "officer" is capitalized? It's not surprising that a man who doesn't know proper grammar enough to utilize it correctly in a letter disseminated to constituents is making a bad call in this case, which is to vote for a plan which will revisit this bloody mess in a few months in--voila--an election year.

Politics as usual.

Semper Fi


I have served and thank you for recognizing that, However, I believe I have thought it through. I am one who sees that when you are spending more than you are taking in you have to cut spending and/or find a way to take in more. I personally believe that we need to do both - thus I fall in the group that says "and".

I fail to accept that the current problems are as easily defined as saying that it is the "liberal, commie, tree-hugging, socialist...." or the "republican, conservative, neo-nazi, right wing nut..." ALL of the politicians have contributed to the situation. America has a two headed political beast which in reality is ONE beast. The differences between the two parties are really distinctions that do not amount to a significant difference. Just look at the way that both parties break out the knee pads when big business walks into the room and you will have a hard time knowing who the republicans are and who the democrats are.

As long as people (like you) take such a one-sided partisan view our politics will be more like a sporting event where one "team" will win and by definition the other "team" will lose. Unfortunately, that is a model that is fine for the battle or playing field, but is not so fine in the arena of politics. We are in the massive financial difficulty we are in now because we have had "leaders" who have never served - and I do not consider the dubious service of Bush to be service, even if he did show up to fly over the fields of Alabama. IF any of those monkeys had actually served, they would have engaged in a very different decision process BEFORE they got us involved in IRAQ or AFGANISTAN. I believe that it has been our involvement in armed conflict with a goal of nation building which has lead us to the current situation. You can not build a nation through armed conflict. Once we have gotten in, we can not get out. But, to sound "tough" the politicos are all too willing to send the bullet catchers like me into harms way. These clowns in Washington are not working at resolving the current situation, which clearly calls for living within our means, reducing expenditures and increasing revenue. I fail to accept the talking point positions that substitute for careful logical analysis and such "cutsey" buzzwords as "job creators" - or "socialist".

Semper Fi


MR. WEST - You lost my support and respect. And there's not much you can do to get it back...And that breaks my heart.

Welcome to the old boys club, enjoy it while it lasts...

Boca, FL


My fellow Americans just ask youeself: Are you better off today than you were 2-1/2 years ago~?.. A small group; Tea Partiers and Republicans have done much to turn back the spending and with no new taxes~! Semper Fi, Congressman, Allen West ..............

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

"You've got to spend money to make money." This is true. And I once put $4000 worth of video gear on a credit card. Within a year I'd taken in more than $20,000 using that equipment.

This is Keynesian economics.

The Austrian/Chicago school crowd tries to get contracts to shoot high definition video with old 480p gear, and tells their potential clients to downgrade their expectations. Before long, they have no clients.

People like West and the other tea baggers and felchers are working to make sure our country becomes a poverty-stricken backwater. We need to send them back under the rocks where they used to live.

Jim Johnson

Mr. West, what you really need to do is CUT your hair. Flatops are from the 1990's, you are not supposed to have a line, you have to fade it in.

P.S. I think you are a female dog, you acted so tough on the campain trail. You said you were going to change Washinton, to me you are just another politician. You make me sick. Your letter does not explain anything, next time just say that you voted for the plan bc you got a bad haircut, and are a female dog.

Fred Caldwell

BS, Whoever voted for this guy you know what not to do next time, don't forget! This was a cowardly cave in that we all have to pay for! Call for his resignation! There have to be some leaders with courage, we must find them by 2012. God Save America from these double talking Liars.

J. Anderson

It's time for Allen West to be voted into another job. He does not represent the retired community. He supports loop holes for the rich and vouchers for medicare.

He needs a career adjustment, NOW!


Semper Fi
I’m a little bit older than you. I was Cav. through 1973. I’ve seen liberal Democrats as well as liberal Republicans. I have little use for either. I do however support anyone who actually walks the conservative walk. I believe very strongly in our Constitution. I’m not a fan of either Bush (daddy or W) but I am certainly not a fan of Obama who has spent more than all the presidents before him combined. Obama ran on getting us out of “Bush’s war.” We’re still in it (where are the liberal protesters?) and Obama has escalated that by attacking more countries and allowing the UN to dictate how and where our troops are used. We could cut a huge amount by bringing our troops home as he promised to do. And this garbage of blaming everything on Bush is just propaganda. Obama is the president now and has been for 3 years. If you don’t like Bush’s policies… stop following his lead. But Obama is not a leader. That’s why he has not yet put an economic plan forth to congress. Again, Alan West is correct. Put a lid on what Obama can spend. Then in 2012 shut his policies down. Fix our nation. Our forefathers said the only way a Republic will work is if it is run by honorable men. Our country hasn’t had one of those in charge (Democrat or Republican) in a very long time.

J.P. Travis

Unfortunately, Mr. West's words, "it’s the first time we are raising the debt ceiling with cuts greater than the increase," are untrue, and the congressman has been suckered. The imaginary "cuts" are all in the future, which makes them legally unenforceable, and like all cuts promised by Democrats will never come to pass. West is just another useful idiot co-opted by the statists in Washington. What a disappointment.

Semper Fi

I think you assume facts not in evidence... you are older than me? you know this for a fact or you are just trying to talk down to a "youngster"? besides, what difference would it make if i were actually younger than you?

excuse me if I do not bite on the "liberal" vs "conservative" bait... I fail to see a significant difference in any of the political factions on parade. I would certainly agree that Obama has not gotten us out of any of the messes that were there when he entered office and he has certainly got us into more of them since.. just like the politicians before him and probably just like those who will follow. As far as the "propoganda" goes, please show me one, just one politician who held an office higher than dog catcher in my lifetime, my father's lifetime or my granfather's lifetime who was not spewing propoganda.

I fail to see ANY politician putting forth a reasonable plan. It is a lot of posturing and preening for the rabid political base - on both sides they are the fringe of America. As long as Alan West inflexibly refuses to consider raising taxes on the uber rich and corporations I would argue that he is no more correct than the other position of refusing to cut spending and simply increase taxes. In my opinion, a rational approach to the budget deficit is to decrease the spending and increase the revenue. Holding either position as an absolute is ideology, and we all see how well that is working in the halls of government today.

I would agree that our country has not had honorable men (or women) in charge. Not in the executive or legislative branches for a long long time, and quite possibly we have never really had honorable individuals there as our government is populated by politicians - thus they qualify as a suspect class.


Let me see if I got this right. Congress writes the spending bills, forwards them to the Senate for approval and they forward the package to Obama. If Congress doesn't write the bills, Obama and the Democrat's don't get to spend the money. So there isn't a Senate (Democrat) spending bill to even consider even if they had one. It's got to come from the Congress. Like wise, Obama doesn't write a spending bill. It's got to come from the Congress.

So why all this bull about short term limits? Get off the fence post and make something happen! The problem with a balance budget is that the Republicans would never vote the excess into Social Security, they are too cheap. After all it was Clinton that balanced the budget, and he didn't need a bill from Congress to do it. So why do we now need a bill like this? It's hogwash and these guys are jerking us around!

Congress do your job!


Semper Fi

I am not trying to talk down to anyone. I simply read between the lines (maybe erroneously) that you were of the “Shock and Awe” time period and I, as a fellow veteran was letting you know where I was coming from. I think you and I have much more in common than either of us might think. I simply want to stop the bleeding of our wasteful spending and to increase revenue. I think that may be the area where we may not agree. I want to cut regulation and personal taxation. I would be much happier with a national sales tax as opposed to our current income tax. That would ensure all of use are taxed equally according to our spending habit. The most wealthy among us would pay the most because that slice of society spends the most. Also illegal gain would hence be taxed. Currently that is not the case. There would also be no loopholes. There also needs to be remedy for corporations who have the favor of certain government officials (Halliburton under Bush, GE under Obama). Talk about the uber rich not paying their fair share. Why should an individual pay enormous taxes when these corporate friends of the government get bailed out or pay no taxes at all? I do believe the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill was the way to go but liberals in the Senate wouldn’t go for it and Obama said he would veto it. I don’t get the unwillingness to see the cliff in front of us.


The Tea Party congress people who voted yes/ sold out, lost 90% of their base and will do about as well as McCain did when he ran for President.


Congressman West did the right thing. Sometimes you have to do what is practical and accept reality. Reagan didn't get everything he wanted but he prioritized and got the best he could. That's the way life is. Its easy to critize, hard to actually do something.
The fight is not over, it is just starting.

The real issue is whether the spending cuts actually materialize. They've been promised before.


I love reading you left wing fools who say the rich still need to be taxed more. First the political fools who want to raise taxes do so to support those who do NOT PAY ANY TAXES! From GE to the Hood's welfare whores who receive my contributions to the taxholes! While I, the middle class rich (150G), pays more taxes and works more hours to be a "free" man. When in reality I am a slave for your progressive programs. How about a real FAIR solution!! The FAIR TAX ACT! Then EVERYONE from GE to the scum on welfare have to pay into the system! Then the political left will no longer be able to enslave the working middle class. The only road we are going down right now is the road to 1861! The outcome will be much different this time!


The reason why the Left is winning is because they plan and act long term. They gain incremental victories until they have the whole. Our side is not satisfied unless they have cast the haymaker, game ending punch. No victory is enough unless it is total for our side. That is why we see our country eroding... we are unwilling to take a step back and actually strategize.


They ALL act like they are working for themselves, NOT those who sent them. West is toast.


Maybe now joyce kaufman of wftl shame will take allens penis out of her mouth and start talking sense


Congressman(LTC) West is absolutely right. 70% is better than no solution as long as it can be executed. BOTTOMLINE: NO BLANK CHECK for the DUMB CLOWN in the OFFICE.


Ok Here It Is Again- Our Representatives In Fact Do NOT Rep the vast majority of The People ( see US Consitution ) What what have here IS ( See Pres Clinton ) IS real Deception on the American People - Again.

What IS needed IS ( Clinton ) :
1. No FED Taxes on first $25K earned ( Includes Unemployment Ins.)
2. Basic 11 % flat tax on all income above $25001 starting Aug 1, 2011
3. 89% of all Medical Dental covered by Fed US.

Keenan Webb

What you angry people may not understand is this: Conservatives don't control much. The liberals do NOT want a deal, they want a default so that they can fundamentally transform America. I was super ticked the other day until I thought more logically about the situation. This was not a 'cave' this was a hail mary. Until responsible, logical-minded conservatives control both houses and the WH (from either party, mind you) there will not be change. The 2012 election is the most important for our country's future. Do not dump conservative Republicans because of 1 vote. They were fighting with both hands behind their back, and we are lucky to get what we have.

Consider more a person's principles than the letter infront of their name on the voting ballot. Inform yourself on their principle and vote logically.

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