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Allen West: Why I voted for the Boehner plan

From a press release

Congressman Allen West (FL-22) wrote a letter to the American people today explaining his vote in favor of the Budget Control Act.

Excerpts from the letter:

"The Budget Control Act is far from perfect but the hard reality is that fiscal conservatives control only one-half of one-third of our government. This bill will make sure the President does not receive a blank check to continue his spending binge and the old ways of Washington, DC - blindly increasing the debt limit without spending cuts- are over. This vote is historic- it’s the first time we are raising the debt ceiling with cuts greater than the increase.

I learned when I was a solider at Fort Irwin National Training Center that when Officers waste too much time trying to come up with the perfect plan, they fall short because they are too inflexible or divided to see the path to victory. However, if you can come up with a 70-75 percent plan and execute it well, then you can win- and that’s what we have in the Budget Control Act.

The Budget Control Act is not perfect, but it is the 70 percent plan that my colleagues and I can execute to 100 percent.

It is now time for the focus to be on the United States Senate to produce a plan to take this country forward.

My fellow Americans, I ask you: If I had voted “No” on the Budget Control Act, who would I have been voting for?"

Full letter here: Download Westletter


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American Man

Rep. West is a Leader. USA needs more like him.


Benedict Arnold comes to mind... Sellout could apply... Wonder what they bought his vote with...

Colin Foy

Semper Fi: God bless you, and thank you Sir for your valiant service to our country and our constitution. We remain a free people because of men like you!
Like many, I am somewhat chagrined by Lt. Col. West's vote, and yet I'm willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt.
I believe he's earned it.


You walked around crowing like a rooster before the elecion. When the chips were down you folded as a coward. Maybe Obama will give you a job when we fire you.

Richard Eline

How can a veteran like Allan West claim to know that a 70% plan that allows more socialism than ever in this country can work. I thought he retired from the military?
Congressman West I respectfully disagree with your stand on debt ceiling compromise and let us hope you enjoy your new Marxist country.

tea bag this

you fools that think west was wrong to think he wanted to vote yes on this have no clue. what would you have him do say no fine then what if it didnt go through he and all conservatives would be to blame with the media screaming its the tea partiers fault. Also do you think the balanced budget amendment would get through the senate or even obama. pull your heads out of your buts we cant get much done until we get the senate and get rid of obama. At least he answered the question why what other politician does that. I wish I could vote for someone like him instead I live in liberal land massachusetts. I dont agree with his vote but I think he is going to be a pretty good politician when most others are whores. And for all you lefties you want to call us tea baggers fine just remember its always better to be the tea bagger instead of the tea baggie. Thank you for your service Allen West and remember the folks who put you in office and serve them well as you did your country


Cuts from the baseline trajectory are not cuts, but smaller - huge - increases measured in trillion dollar increments. This is hardly what I would call 75% of what I want. It is 75% of what the left wants. The bogus commission will deliver the other 25%.


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Sir,Your government has given an amnziag budget !! Thanks to you and your government !!As a part of media nexus...Your budget has been heavily criticized in the media...Read todays Times of india (english)...COngrats again and move forward !!Nede Munde Nede Munde !! Nuggi Nede Munde !!


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