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Anatomy of a melt-down: How Mike Haridopolos' Senate campaign fell apart

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos' star-crossed campaign for U.S. Senate ended unexpectedly Monday morning, just days after the departure of his two top staffers.

The decision by campaign advisor Pat Bainter and campaign manager Tim Baker to drop out was the last in a series of stumbles and missteps that plagued Haridopolos, who had trouble serving his role as Senate president and as a campaigner for a major statewide office.

"It became increasingly clear to me, and those around me, that the responsibilities I was managing on both fronts are in conflict. I truly believed I could handle both jobs, but I was wrong. Now I am determined to make it right," Haridopolos said.

"Today, I am announcing that I will no longer be a candidate for the United States Senate, nor will I seek any other office this year or next. Instead, I am re-dedicating myself to finishing the job you sent me to do here in Florida," he said.

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Saint Petersblog

Compilation of analysis, reaction and stories about Mike Haridopolos dropping out of US Senate race


Kharma cometh

Oh my, whatever will Arlene do now? HA!

Kharma cometh

Meantime, Haridopolos' wife, Stephanie Haridopolos, and her friend, Arlene DiBenigno, began to take more control of the campaign away from the campaign manager, Baker, and his long-time advisor, Bainter. Both announced they were leaving late Thursday. DiBenigno took over.

...and THAT is the moment he lost the US Senate race. His wife should choose her friends better.

Bill Johnson

Hairpieopolis is out, he was waxed like a Brazilian, as it were. Too bad, but maybe he can write another bestseller about his run for office!!

Saint Petersblog

Who wins, who loses with Mike Haridopolos dropping out of US Senate race


col. kurtz

how does arlene keep getting hired in talahassee? does she do anything that people really value?

poor Arleene

Arleene used to be a talented worker. The problem is she treats people very badly and has burned so many bridges that she is now ineffective. You can only go so long on past accomplishments. Her reputation is now haunting her.

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