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CNN poll shows Obama winning talks, but GOP Sen ignores those results

Gotta love it when politicians use the 140-character limitations of Twitter to brag about public-opinion surveys that seem to show support for their position.

Consider the case of Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who just tweeted: “Poll Shows 66% of Americans support plan like #cutcapbalance, 74% support Balanced Budget Amendment. http://ow.ly/5KkEz.” That link takes you to his website with the headline: “Poll Shows 66% of Americans Support Cut, Cap, Balance.”

Indeed, the CNN poll (which he was nice enough to link to Download Cnnpoll) shows strong support for a balanced-budget amendment. The rest of the poll, though, isn’t worth bragging about for Republicans.

Taken together, the results indicates President Obama is winning (but hasn't clearly won) the public-relations and policy-position war when it comes to tackling debt and deficits.

If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, 71 percent say it would be a problem, and 64 percent say it would have at least some affect on their personal finances

Obama, who has called for a mixed approach of spending cuts and tax increases, seems to be on the right side of public opinion with 64 percent saying they favor a blend of spending cuts and tax increases. Those who favor only spending cuts: 34 percent.

Obama appears to be winning the battle when it comes to who appears responsible.

About 52 percent say he has acted responsibly (an 8 percentage-point increase since May 1) while 46 percent say he has not (a 3 percentage-point decrease). That’s an 11 percentage-point shift in the president’s favor.

Meanwhile, Congress’ isn’t viewed so well, with 33 percent saying he acted responsibly while 63 percent saying it hasn’t.

If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, Republicans (who control only the House) would get a majority of the blame, with 51 percent saying it’s the fault of the GOP and 30 percent saying it’s Obama’s.

By big and overwhelming margins (when it comes to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare) they overwhelmingly oppose most specific government cuts. The cut that generated the most support: Reducing defense spending (47% favor, 52% oppose).

People also favor increasing taxes by big margins when it comes to the petroleum industry (73% favor), businesses that own private jets (76% favor) and those who earn more than $250,000 annually (73%)

Wonder why Mike Lee didn’t tweet that?


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fred CPA

i think i know why he didnt tweet it. becusase what 66% 9of people WANT , um, has been DONE dude. ya know? but maybe you watch msnbc and dit know it. but its passed, just sitting there, wiaitng for reid and potrus to vote and sign. now, i wonder, if someone just kinda uh ya know told the truth. i wonder if it was said: "today a poll found that 66% of people agree with the debt ceiling plan passed by GOP in house. donr and sitting there wasiting for them to do something. now if we have a debt ciris it would only be becuase harry reid and potus refused to act on it, in defiance of 2/3 of the american people". ya know, if some truth were told. now, how do you think it would end up being tweeted after most people found that out?? ya thinik prez has a long run solid postion? think he's got a real good hand of cards there? ya think? funny stuff dude. peace.

James Madison

Enough is enough.


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@James Madison: A bit of a racist, aren't you?

david burton

I see tea parties are very very mad they are losing. they have no more power. what a shame. i think they realize they have been duped.

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