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DCCC robo-calling voters about Rep. David Rivera's investigation

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to call voters with pre-recorded robo-call messages to bash Republicans, including Miami Rep. David Rivera and Sarasota Rep. Vern Buchanan. The text:

Hi, this is Clare calling on behalf of the DCCC.  Did you know Congressman David Rivera received over one hundred thousand dollars in secret payments from his mother's company?  The Miami-Dade Police Department's Public Corruption Bureau and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are investigating Congressman Rivera for it.

 This is just the latest David Rivera scandal: Rivera drove a truck off the road that carried campaign literature from his opponent - and he lied about it.  Rivera and Marco Rubio's home was foreclosed on - and he lied about it.  Rivera said his income came from a government contract - but, even lied about that too.

Call David Rivera at (305) 222-0160 and tell him we don't need a Congressman under criminal investigation, lying about his income representing us.

Here's the Buchanan call

Hi, this is Clare calling on behalf of the DCCC.  Have you heard the latest on Congressman Vern Buchanan’s ethics problems? 

 His old business was caught illegally funneling $67,900 in campaign donations from his employees to Vern Buchanan’s own campaign to help him get elected.  The Federal Election Commission called it an “extensive and ongoing scheme” of “secret illegal contributions.”

Call Congressman Vern Buchanan at (941) 951- 6643 and tell him to come clean.  We don’t need a Congressman like him representing us.