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Dear Debbie, you're 'vile, unprofessional, despicable & not a lady' -- Allen West

Tea Party hothead Allen West blew up at fellow Broward U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz for her acerbic take on the Republican "cut, cap and balance" plan. Schultz, the Democratic National Committee Chair, all but named West ("the gentleman from Florida") in her criticism of the budget-cutting plan, which she said ruined Medicare and helped "Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas."

When he learned what she said (standard liberal/Democratic fare), West promptly trashed her by email, which Politico first obtained:

From: Z112 West, Allen
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM
To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric
Subject: Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz

Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

Steadfast and Loyal

Congressman Allen B West (R-FL)

Wasserman Schultz spokesman Jonathan Beeton said in a statement: "I don't think that Congressman West is upset at the Congresswoman, but rather with the fact that she highlighted that he and other Republicans are once again trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, children and the middle class..As someone who lives in Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz's Congressional district, Congressman West knows that we have hundreds of thousands of seniors in South Florida who have paid into Medicare throughout their lives and now rely on this program to keep them healthy and active."

Said West's spokeswoman Angela Sachitano: "Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz today took another cowardly cheap shot at Congressman West conveniently after he had just left the House floor speaking on the Cut, Cap and Balance bill. Congressman West contacted Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz directly, as well as bipartisan House leadership to express his concern with her comments and the low level she has chosen to stoop to attack Congressman West.The Congresswoman's actions were unprofessional and cowardly.The constituents in Florida see Congressman West as a true leader and a man of principle while Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz is once again viewed as politics as usual, and her true character  sadly shown today."

Here's the speech that started it all:



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Wasserman is a typical extreme left wing partisan hack. This is their spokesperson?

West is aware that we are spending trillions we don't even have, for an unrealistic, unsustainable, progressive pipe dream.

Wasserman is too ignorant to understand the damage that this is doing to to our nation. We are borrowing 45 cents for every dollar spent now and she wants to increase spending.

As far as doing this on the backs of the poor, wealthy people already contribute 90% of all tax money. Even if you took ALL of their income, it wouldn't be enough and that would also starve the nation of capital, not to mention driving many wealthy entrepreuneurs capital out of the country. About half of residents pay no income tax at all.

We really need to blame the voters of Wasserman's district for such an unwise selection and the DNC for appointing her to a position of responsibility.


Congresswoman Schultz is a vile, demonic, and unprofessional representative. her interest is in promotng the Democratic Party, no matter what, as evidenced by her defending President Obama's comments regarding returning Israel to the pre-1967 war borders. She basically said "that's not what he said" when she knows that is his intention, and, indeed, what he said. Additionally, this partisan hack has had Congressman west in her sights since, and even before, his election, evidenced by the rally she organized in Deerfield Beach in 2010, sending more partisan hacks to drown out the congressman's speech. Ms. Schultz is a disgrace to this country, to her district, and to the United States Congress. I don't agree with everything that Congressman West says, however, he is a man of principle, a gentleman, and a patriot and I admire that.

Uncle Bobby

Allen West, the tough guy who discharged a gun near the head of a restrained prisoner and hangs out with meth dealing bikers, is a little thin-skinned.

Welcome to the U

Right on.

Werst is a true patriot. One who does not apologize about the greatness of america and american values. Yeah, so he is conservative. Just as Wasserman Shulz is a liberal. But he has not stooped to the tactics that this socialist hack has.

For all of the broward county (and the district) jews who elected this id-ot- i say, good job. You cannot find anyone more silver-spoon fed than this rich jew from south florida. She will go to bat for you, while she drives home in her beemer, all the while crying out for the poor children and seniors. You hypcorite, it isyour socialsit agenda that will eventually affect seniors and children.

What a yenta

Roy Dripps

I'll eschew the pointless ad hominem attacks in lieu of two simple questions: Why did Rep. West leave the House floor before the debate was over? Why couldn't Rep. Wasserman Schultz have expected that Rep. West was still present?


Wow, her "attack" was pretty mild compared to his outburst.

Perhaps if West had not left work early he would have been there to defend himself.


It is wrong to say things behind someone back. I find it interesting how Congressman West made no mention weather the statement was true or false. The congressman felt so insulted he complained. They are both congressmen/woman for the U.S. I am sure they gossip more in those hallways than in the hallways of a high school. What I want to know, the only thing I care about, is the statement she made true? Are you in favor for a bill that cuts medicare and clean water..ect? These questions will never get answered, in know. I really don't care about hurt feeling. If your feeling are hurt renounce your position, reference, medical problems (or hurt feelings).

Ann Ryan

I heard nothing in DWS speech that was disrespectful of Congressman West. In fact she never mentioned his name. It is abhorrent that this individual made a choice to talk down to his Congressional peer. It is amazing that the party for which Congressman West is a member continues to be "the Party of NO", and "the Party of Rude". It saddens me the civil discourse and disagreement about policy continues to make sounds bits for the PON group. Each American should understand that Millionaires and Billionaires DO NOT pay the same % of tax as the middle class. They actually pay much less than Joe on Main Street. As Joe on Main Street keeps believing that it is OK to stripe away the "New Deal" that was a result of the Great Depression, and continue to believe the SOPHISTRY of the Party of NO, the more the middle class continues to be reduced in size and our great county continues down the slippery slope that South Americans and many Asian nations find themselves experiencing.


They're both politicians: hot headed and childish. Why don't they focus on the problems facing the country instead of trying to work for personal gain and fighting with each other.


Keep it classy Alan...keep it classy


Uncle Tom West we understand !!! You hate women and your mon was one oh Im not sure because you are are a ANIMAL !!! How could someone like you come from a HUMAN being.. I feel sorry for you becasue when the GOP is done with you they will show what they think of you.. ie ask Turner Gill and the EX head of the GOP both black !!!! Im a brother and can see thru you..


Its terrible what Allen West said, but he left out "liberal scumbag", he should be more inclusive in the future.Go West!

Joane Daisy

Hahahaha, i never notice West haircut, but I also agree with Jim Johnson, him along with David Rivera have the worst cuts in the House of Reps. West needs to trim it, I guess he is trying to look white or something. His advisers need to talk to him. Rivera wears a tupay....either way, this guy West thinks he is a tough guy. We will see how tough he is when we vote him out here in Florida. He is no Republican, he is part of the Tea Party. He has shown his true colors and lied to the Seniors of Florida.

Mr. West, you said you were going to protect medicare for us seniors, you lied to us. We do not want a voucher. We want what we paid for, stop calling medicare and social security entillements bc there not. We paid for those services out of pockets. Stop trying to steel from us you bafoo. Your mother should be ashamed of you.

Eyes Open

Any senior citizen who isn't a dimwit can see right through Wasserman-Shultz's hysteric Demo rhetoric and realize West is actually trying to SAVE Social Security and Medicare! the Demos continue to pray on the gullibility of simple minded constituents. Fortunately for Florida and the rest of the U.S., there are more of us than of them!


its about time someone stood up that woman. she says vile things about republicans and lies to seniors to scare them, i wonder if she is greysons sister. everyone needs to call their congressman and tell them to pat west on the back. its about time they get dished what they dish out all the time.


debbie is the most hateful woman, she scares people with lies. what she said about medicare is not true. if she cared about seniors she would of voted out obama CARE, it cuts 500,000 billion dollars from medicare and rations care for seniors. read the bill. her vitrial is full hate

Catherine Pierce

Where are the moderate, professional, civil Republicans? Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz did not make personal remarks about Mr. West's character. She questioned his support of a bill that does not serve the best interest of many of his constituents. In return, he sends her personal insults and makes it public. There is no honor in his extreme reaction and the ideological impediment preventing him from the compromise that would be in the best interests of those he represents.


Well Jim, sounds to me as if you are the one crying. Here we go again with the insults. I used your comment as an example of what is wrong with being hateful and it is not needed. The same as your comment above and this is directed at you. Grow Up.

Bernadette Fraser

It is about time someone "says it the way it is" Way to go!!!!! God BLess you sir, keep up the good work!

Lillie McDonald

The tree hugging LIBERALS can't take the heat when the truth is told....They always want an apology but they can dish it out....Something is wrong with this picture!!


West sealed his fate when he first voted on the Ryan plan to privatize medicare. How many seniors do you know that have problems determining which prescription plan to choose? Can you imagine if they have to try to choose plans based on their medical history...and hope they can get the coverage they need? The only cure for this country is dems taking back the house, 60 in the senate, and Obama at the helm.

Maggie Milstead

Glad to hear Bocamom say she's come to her senses. I campaigned hard against West, and will again. This idiot's days are numbered. Thank God we have Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to represent the intelligent people of SoFla !


Mary Coheres

The most intellegent black guy is Steven Urkel.


Come on Libs! The "language" used by West was nothing compared to the language used by Libs and Congressman against Bush. Debbie is an unbelievable liar. She does not "tell the truth". She SPINS the truth. Get real.

Audrey DeShields

Mr West is a nasty man who probably bullies women,I don't give rats's ass about his military manners,he understands what he is doing! This is suppose to send a message to everyone don't mess with me....too bad it wasn't effective. What she said is true, shame on you ..Mr Black Man..Up from slavery.
You laid down with dogs and you got up with fleas!!!

s. louis

I think west is a bully, that can't stand the truth, he is very ignorant and just a harsh individual, he fits rig in with the extreme right wing. This position of "my way or the highway," and if anyone tells the truth about their "way," bullying is the next step. He claims that he's been called names, let him prove it, I do not believe him. Some ignorant people are really showing up on this page.


The phony indignation from Wasserman-Schultz supporters is laughable. They are comprised of the easily deceived uneducated entitlement addicts and the brainwashed culturally elite that want to keep them that way. She and her crowd are the slavemasters of those that are afraid to wean themselves off the public teat.

Raymond Ambrozaitis

Look, Allen, I understand that after I turned off the daily News you directed an e-mail directly towards Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and had the ignorance to spread said e-mail to the media. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. Merely come up to my district in Florida. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives and had you had the intestinal fortitude to respond on the floor of the House you know damn well or should know that your assinine rant would have been taken down and you wouldhave been reprmanded right there on the floor. If you have something to say, stop being a coward and say it to the Congresswoman's face right on the floor, otherwise, shut the f**k up. Focus on your past behaviour!

I am bringing your actions today to our people who understand Congressional decorum and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend everyone forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting way you pummeled a man under your command in direct defiance of the UCMJ
You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Gentleman nor a good officer, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me or any correctly thinking American!

Steadfast and Loyal

Rev Rimantas Ambrozaitis (I-FL)


So the witch from Weston got what's coming to her. She threw down the first glove. If it's too hot in the kitchen get out Wasserman-Shultz. Having similar harpies behind you doesn't do much for me. She is my Congress person and look forward to when I hopefully will get reedistricted to Congressman West's district.

Go West!

Jimmy John

The most intellegent black guy is Steve Urkel.

rosemaire perrelli

debbie ws.........blah blah blah... just more "plans" that do not address our spiraling debt... west was right to label debbie... west is a true leader and debbie can take lessons from him. granny


West is a thug...Not only is he a thug..he is also stupid..Doesn't he under stand that you do not stand on the floor of congress and call a fellow member of congess nasty names? Not only is he ugly but he has a horribe haircutand he should get his front teeth fixed..Ugly gap..He is the repukelicans uncle tom..

Larry Hassekk

Wasserman is a azzzzz just like the man in the White House She will lie on anything and anybody an it would seem the people who put Her in office are as stupid as She is.

Joseph matthews

Rep. Allen west will soon be allen west a private citizen. Allen west just lost to Murphy. Now he want to contest that... shame on you allen do the right thing concede and move on. Guys like allen west is not fit to hold any public office... well if you are wondering why?... look at his comments .... sounds to me like a wacko...

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