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Democratic Party spox Eric Jotkoff leaving his job

After three years and 26 days on the job, Democratic Party spokesman and prolific, acerbic tweeter Eric Jotkoff is moving on to other ventures. His last day is sometime in the next two weeks he said, "Or whenever they kick me out the door." 

Jotkoff said he is laying the groundwork for another job, but wouldn't reveal what it is. In an e-mail sent out Friday, Jotkoff wrote:

I'm proud of the work we did helping President Obama carry Florida in 2008 and highlighting the dirty deeds of disgraced Speaker Ray Sansom and indicted Republican Chairman Jim Greer.  We worked to expose the many skeletons in Senator Marco Rubio’s past, responded to the latest craziness coming from Governor Rick Scott and accomplished so much more. It is my sincere hope the Party’s role as a watchdog in Tallahassee has helped improve the governance of the Sunshine State by helping keep those in power honest.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking some time off to relax and recharge before announcing my future plans. I look forward to spending several weeks without having my Blackberry basically surgically attached to my hand because I won’t need to respond to the scandal de jour.


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Where do I send my resume?

Can't Take It Anymore

Did this goober ever do anything but whine and anger people? He was certainly no asset to any Democrat candidates in the last election cycle. Eric really can't leave soon enough if the party is going to rebuild itself and get in position to compete in 2012. Get someone that has some personality and charisma, not another "spokesperson" that's just a blob.

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