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Fla. Supreme Court stays cop-killer execution

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday temporarily stayed the execution of Manuel Valle, who shot and killed a Coral Gables police officer 33 years ago, pending a hearing over the state’s new use of a drug in its lethal injections.

Gov. Rick Scott signed a death warrant — his first — on June 30 setting Valle’s execution for Aug. 2. On Monday, the state’s high court delayed the execution until Sept. 1 and ordered a hearing on Florida’s recent switch from one anesthetic to another as part of its cocktail of three lethal drugs.

Valle had appealed the death warrant on several grounds, including the use of pentobarbital, a barbiturate intended to knock condemned inmates unconscious so they feel no pain. A second drug paralyzes them and a third stops their heart.

On June 8, the Florida Department of Corrections approved the use of pentobarbital as a substitute for sodium thiopental, the barbiturate the state had previously been using. Earlier this year, the Illinois pharmaceutical company that sold the state sodium thiopental discontinued its production of the drug.

Valle, who would be the first inmate executed under the new drug protocol, raised questions about whether the use of pentobarbital in the amount prescribed by the state could cause him to suffer pain.

The Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that Valle’s claim merits a hearing, and ordered it take place in Miami by Aug. 5, with oral arguments, if necessary, on Aug. 24.

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Paul D. Harvill

Won't be long before those 4 - 3 votes start going the other way -- toward a Constitution that is meaningless.

George Fuller

33 years this guy has been dodging death.....How much has that cost taxpayers?

The guy is not pleading innocent......only about how the drugs work that will kill him.....This guy will probably die of natural causes before the state finally nails the SOB....


This is a disgrace


It's bad enough that we coddle these vicious murderers by putting them down in the same civilized, clinical manner that we use to end the lives of our beloved pets.

But now, apparently, that same method isn't even good enough to put down these humans who chose to act like rabid dogs.

If we must use "civilized" means to put them down, why can't we just overdose them with a heroin injection that puts them in a narcotic delirium and shuts down their breathing?

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