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Florida accounts for at least $3.5m in Obama's bundled donations (CA: $9m)

 From Open Secrets:

SUNSHINE STATE BUNDLING: Two dozen Floridians have collectively bundled at least $3.55 million for President Barack Obama's re-election efforts, including 15 individuals who did not bundle money on Obama's behalf during his 2008 presidential campaign. Among some of the high-profile new names on the list? Democratic operative Ben Pollara, businessman Stephen Bittel and trial lawyer John Morgan.

Pollara was the finance director of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential run. Last year, he created a Democratic super PAC called "Florida is Not For Sale," which was designed to aid Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) in his U.S. Senate primary against billionaire Jeff Greene. (Meek prevailed in that contest, but he later lost in the general election to Republican Marco Rubio.)

Bittel, too, backed Meek during his 2010 Senate bid. And a company he controls -- Sterling Aviation, Ltd. -- donated $25,000 to the Florida is Not For Sale super PAC.

Morgan, meanwhile, earlier this year notably hired Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, who ran as an independent in the  U.S. Senate race last year against Rubio and Meek.

Not to be sour grapes here, but we ran these numbers last week and forgot to put them on the blog (thanks Mike Haridopolos, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Allen West and David Rivera). All these numbers are minimums. So really, the contributions are far higher. Here are the contributions by top states and percentage of contributions in 2012:

CA  $  8,900,056.00 25%
NY  $  4,900,035.00 14%
FL  $  3,550,024.00 10%
MA  $  2,550,013.00 7%
TX  $  2,150,013.00 6%
NJ  $  1,800,007.00 5%
DC  $  1,700,011.00 5%
IL  $  1,600,017.00 5%
PA  $  1,300,008.00 4%
MD  $  1,250,011.00 4%

Here are the 2008 contributions:

CA  $  26,700,012.00 19%
IL  $  20,400,003.00 14%
NY  $  19,100,006.00 13%
FL  $  13,600,006.00 10%
DC  $  11,900,005.00 8%
TX  $    7,600,000.00 5%
MA  $    5,700,001.00 4%
MD  $    3,700,004.00 3%
PA  $    3,500,001.00 2%
VA  $    3,200,002.00 2%