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Florida House lawmaker to introduce 'Caylee's Law'

The bill from state Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, would make it a felony for anyone who doesn't immediately report their children missing.

Hager says he plans to introduce the bill in the Florida House this week.

Lawmakers couldn't approve such law until their next scheduled legislative session in January.


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It's a good thing to do this but it obviously needs some tweaking.


I don't understand how a mother puts herself at the death of her daughter, supposedly an accident, and doesn't have to explain duct taping her mouth! Casey put herself at the death of that child. Why on earth is she not charged with killing? What was the use of the duct tape

Zadoc Paet

No question, it should be illegal to not report your child missing.
POLL: Do you support Caylee's Law?
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/r/1113241

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