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Getting it right about Florida's redistricting

Florida legislators hit the road beginning in June 2011 for a series of public hearings to collect input about redistricting. The traveling statewide show has drawn many residents who have peppered legislators with questions and criticisms that have put leaders on the defensive.

For PolitiFact Florida, the roadshow has provided several statements worth fact-checking.

The most recent three come from state Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla. He told a crowd at The Villages:

"No I did not vote to spend money to fight that lawsuit" -- referring to a lawsuit challenging Amendment 6.

"The Florida Legislature has not filed a lawsuit to fight Amendments 5 and 6."

"Your tax dollars are not being used to sue you the people who voted the 63 percent" in favor of Amendment 6.

Click each link to see how Hays fared on the Truth-O-Meter.


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Smith Mathers

Senator Hays is an idiot. And anyway, the House is involved in the litigation, not the Senate - what the heck was he doing even discussing it?

Saint Petersblog

The Cannon-Weatherford Doctrine on Redistricting


Tally Folly


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