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Gov. Rick Scott hosts abortion bill event at mansion

Gov. Rick Scott on Saturday hosted a celebration of the four new laws intended to limit access to abortion. Dozens of pro-life activists gathered at the manion for the event, along with several of the bill's sponsors and supporters , including representatives Matt Gaetz, Rachel Burgin, Dennis Baxley, Larry Ahern, Elizabeth Porter, Kelli Stargel and Keith Perry.

Asked why he held the bill-signing ceremony a month after the laws went into effect, Scott said: "A lot of people put a lot of effort into these things. I think they want to have an event to memorialize it. For these bills, a lot of these people have worked on these bills for years and years, and it's a way for them to celebrate the accomplishments." 

Lawmakers passed five abortion-related bills in the 2011 session. One requires women to receive an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion and be offered the opportunity to have it described to her. Another tightens requiremens for parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion. A third prohibits insurance policies created through the federal health care law from covering abortions, and the fourth redirects proceeds from Choose Life license plates from counties to Choose Life, Inc., which counsels pregnant women. Lawmakers also passed a bill proposing a Constitutional amendment, which doesn't require the governor's signature, that would prohibit using tax dollars to pay for abortions.

"It would be hard to top this session for the pro-life cause. We had great success," Gaetz said.

Asked what his response it to those who say the laws limit choice for women, Gov. Scott referred to the ultrasound bill, passed by a previous Legislature but vetoed by then Gov. Charlie Crist. "You should have the opportunity to see see an ultrasound of your child," Scott said. "It's your choice. You don't have to. This creates choice. I think it's very positive."


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And yet, those laws hurt women. They are unfair and, most of all, they are uncecessary. These laws imply that women are stupid. They imply that they have not spent sufficient time thinking about the matter. We know that's not true. The makers of those laws know that's not true. Those are politically-motivated decisions based on religious beliefs, not facts. Sooner or later these laws will have to be overturned. No one has the right to impose their morals on others.


RE: Ultrasound
No Mr Scott. The choice would have been to have the ultrasound or not.


Who pays for the ultrasound?


If conservatives were really concerned about protecting all human life, not just unborn life, they would have also amended the "Choose Life" license plate law to require anyone purchasing a plate to automatically have a background check done and, upon clearance, be immediately registered as a foster parent to care for at least five abused and neglected children who are already born. But, it's a well-known fact these people really aren't about protecting life, it's about squelching and interfering with a woman's personal right to choose. These Pro-Lifers also are generally more conservative and screetch incessantly about getting government out of our lives, but have no problem viewing a woman's uterus as government property.

Julia Dawson

In response to Anthony - the woman pays for the ultrasound.

The ultrasound legislation is a way to increase the cost of an abortion and thus make it more difficult for women to have an abortion. Any woman who wanted to see an ultrasound of her fetus before this legislation could have gone to one of the many fake clinics, properly called Coerced Pregnancy Centers and run by religious anti abortion extremists. The little old ladies who staff them would have slobbered all over themselves at the chance to unload their misinformation about pregnancy on her while they gave her a free ultrasound. They would have shoved the ultrasound picture in her face and not waited to ask if whe wanted to see it or not.

In case you think these Coerced Pregnancy Centers exist to give any real help to women who want to continue their pregnancies, that's what the "Choose Life" license plate legislation was all about. That legislation changed the original law that required that 70% of the income from the plates go for REAL help to pregnant women who want to continue their pregnancy, such as clothing, medication, diapers, rent, baby food, etc - the things a woman who wants to continue her pregnancy may not be able to afford. The legislation that Scott signed takes away the 70% requirement for any real help, and allows the organization "Choose Life" to use ALL the money however they want, no restrictions, for advertising, billboards, spreading the unscientific lie that abortion causes breast cancer, or even to support the fake clincs who exist solely to coerce women into continuing their pregnancies by any means necessary. Every person who purchased a "Choose Life" license plate believing it would help women who wanted to continue their pregnancy should be outraged by that bigotry.

A woman’s human right to have authority over her own body must never be replaced by the self-serving agendas of politicians, religious leaders, business interests, or anti-abortion fanatics. Human rights are not transferrable. You can’t take away a woman’s human rights so you can give them to a fetus.

Jean Kellen

Important fact: These government-required ultrasounds are conducted transvaginally.

Jim Styer

Julia Dawson: I am very interestetd in what you say about how the license plate money would be used. It's much different than what I understood and quite different than what the sponsors of the bill said. Please document your statements and give us an indication of where you find that in the text of the legislation. Thank you. (In addition to posting, please email me directly with your answer so I'm sure to see it.) .

Jim Styer

Jean Kellen: You say
Important fact: These government-required ultrasounds are conducted transvaginally. Please give more info: I do not believe the language of the act requires any change in the medically-indicated method of ultrasound. BTW, 83% of abortion agencies already did ultrasound before the law was passed, for medical reasons: to determine the position of the baby and the length of gestation.


Dear Julia Dawson,

You have several inaccurate statements in your writing.
Women are the honored bearers of new life. A fetus is not going to become a frog, a baboon,
or anything else at birth, a beautiful child
is shown to the world. Women have the awesome
responsibility if caring for this new life.
There are the human rights of two people involved when a women is pregnant. How can you deny the human rights of a baby, that the simple question. You sound like you think its
unfair that women have babies, and that if a women carrys a baby that her human rights are some how taken away.

Pregnancy centers should offer clothing diapers, formula etc. If they spend money on signs, its because they are trying to remind people that the fetus is a baby, not a blob of
meat, there is a heartbeat 8 weeks into the pregnancy. Hopefully we as adult people can consider all the facts even if you are personally opposed to how people come into this planet.


Since your name is typically male, I would like to point out that it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what women do with their bodies. The right to choose to abort or not is one of the most constitutional rights a woman has. Rick Scott and people like you need to learn this. I swear this state is going to hell in a handbasket because of the biblebeaters who want to force their opinions on everyone, and, as a native Floridian, I cannot begin to tell you how depressing it is to watch.


One last comment to Eugene-
Until you can spell, punctuate your sentences, and carry a baby, I don't think your opinion should count.

Bonnie French

These laws are all aimed at helping women have a quiver full of children...it is all about imprisoning women with unfettered reproduction. Vote all who attended this festive occasion out of office.


HCA hospitals, when Gov. Scott was founder and CEO, offered abortion services. He profited from the medical procedure. And now ... Well, you get the picture. Why does anyone take this man seriously?


What does this law do for the economy of Florida. I am so disgusted with what this State is becoming.

Terryl Nichols

Rick Scott has these bills passed then he cuts all the gov. funding for programs that will help families in trouble, like the Dept of Children and Families. How does he think he is helping women? He is helping bringing women back to the days of wire hangers and butchers.


He says: "You should have the opportunity to see see an ultrasound of your child," Scott said. "It's your choice. You don't have to. This creates choice. I think it's very positive."

Yes- we should have the OPPORTUNITY not be FORCED TO DO IT! How does this create CHOICE? You are requiring women to have it! Why don't the DADS have to be present? I would like to know how this PARTY celebrating these right wing/bible thumping bills was paid for! It better not have been MY TAX DOLLARS!


Pro-Life = Anti-Choice. 'Nuf said


Well,Guv'ner....hate to poop on your party, but at least 3 of the 5 bills are a waste of time and effort since they will be ruled an unreasonable retraint upon a woman's constitutionally protected RIGHT to an abortion.Doesn't anyone in your administration have an ounce of brains??????


Once again Rick Scott has let the majority of floridians down to pacify the demands of the Tea Party Idiots....I hope we can survive 3 more years and still have a state when we boot his behind out of office. I am sure 1/2 of the bills he signed into law by then should help him make millions more when he takes back over Solantic. One question Ricky???? Where's all the jobs you promised?? Oh yeah...Your friends and others who helped you get into office have them, and when there wasn't a job for them you made one up for them. Isn't that right Mr. Hogan??? I am sickened by the way this administration has turned out and by what they have done to all of us!! Only saving Grace is....He won't be back in office after this!! Of this I am sure!!

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