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Gov. Rick Scott on his popularity and privatizing parks, prisons and Citizens

Gov. Rick Scott held a wide-ranging media availability today after a Homeland Security educational briefing for state agency heads. The governor answers questions about his 27 percent approval rating, his objections to implementing health care exchanges, and plans to privatize Citizens Property Insurance, state parks and prisons. 

(Note the new duds for the state's top dude. He's donning an oxford shirt with the state seal and "Gov. Rick Scott." The governor is choosing a more casual tie-less -- populist? -- look these days.)



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scotts rating will continue to fall as he pushes through programs and agendas that hurt the residents and taxpayers of Florida. Until he and his staff get the fact that hello? they're supposed to be working for us and not corporations? his ratings will continue to be in the mud.

Denny Wood

Scott's poll ratings will continue to fall all year as people with disabilities, their families and their supporters learn about how he signed HB 849, a major take away of Access Law in new construction. He actually wiped out the heart of the law, enacted in 1974. The story about this bill is at www.dignity4disabled.com and did not appear in newspapers. It was a stealth action at the legislature, with legislators not reading what they voted on. Stealth business as usual at the Capitol by tricky Developers.


Rick Scott is a hateful and despicable person

Marilynn Smith

There was enough information on tv before the elections to warn people about Scott and Rubio. What ignorant people would vote for convicted felon? Just his looks would keep me from voting for him.

Moises Dominguez

Hurray for Governor Scott, I agree with most of what he is doing.

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