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Gov. Rick Scott's Montana get-away

Gov. Rick Scott is taking a breather this week, escaping the Florida heat (and his poor poll numbers) with the 70-degree days and 50-degree nights in northwest Montana.

Where in Montana? The new 60.6-acre property near Troy, Mon. he bought on June 22. Tucked into the Kootenai National Forest, it's just a couple miles down the Kootenai River from the Big Sky property of his new chief of staff, Steve MacNamara.

We're told Scott, a multi-millionare with a beachfront home in Naples, bought the property for $1.45 million. (Montana is one of the few states where property sale prices are not public record.) Scott bought the land from Gerald Mercer, a retired executive registered to vote in St. Petersburg.

With a jam-packed schedule, it's unclear if Scott ever laid eyes on his new vacation home before this week. In any case, this is what he's seeing now: 

The property has a gorgeous 3,680-square foot log home built into the rock outcropping of a cliff, which delivers a bird's-eye view of the winding river to the west and the majestic Cabinet Mountains to the east. There is a bubbling spring near the home and 3,000 feet of river frontage.

"It's an incredible property," one Montana real estate expert said.


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Can't Take It Anymore

You can be pretty sure that this place in Montana is where Scott will relocate in 2014 once he has destroyed the public infrastructure of Florida. The Koch Brothers will continue to invite him to their "retreats" to regale them with his stories of how easy it was for him to seize control of the 3rd largest state in the nation and use the spineless Republicans in its state legislature to enrich himself, his corporate friends and out of state donors.


So what? The man cannot purchase a retreat without ridicule. Lay off.


Obviously you are jealous,Ha ha.. I love you Rick Scott, you are my man....

David Kearns

Ingrid and Jim obviously suffer from the mental malady of every Labradoodle pup; master-worship.
Meanwhile here on earth Americans are fed up with this Koch-sucking.

Brian Grant

When you cheat and defraud people your whole life you can afford things like this. Rick Scott is a scoundrel. Our voters are dolt's. I hope that people are more educated during the next voting cycle.

Thomas B.

Kootenai Nat'l Forest? My guess is he's trying to get the park privatized and sponsored by Medicaid as a rehab site. He'l make millions, will forget everything about it, and will become governor of Montana. Trust me, evryone in Florida is praying for this.


Well we are sick of the sucking off of George Sorous as well. At least the Koch brothers have worked and made their money here and not destroyed countries to achieve their wealth. I might add the Kochs never turned in Jews just to get their possessions in order to sell during WWII. Good old George admitted doing that as a teenage boy. Liberals should be proud.

joe blow

lets hope an angry Grizzly bear tears Scotty to shreads and puts him out of his misery!


Ricky Scott has no love of Florida. He is using Floridians as a source of retirement income and when he's finished with Florida and those whiney, pesky, sunburnt, cotten headed Floridians he's going to fly away.

But first Ricky's got to make some money for himself and his republican tea party buddies.

Check it out.

Most of his "inner-circle" of advisers are from out of state. The folks who are dimanteling our environmental laws, enabling phone companies to tack on outrageous charges, and letting insurance companies dramatically hike their rates are from out of state.

Not Rick

Ingred, go F yourself you C**t.

tropical depression

Hard for Floridians to follow him out there... with pitchforks and torches. Hope Pam Bondi heads out there as well.

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