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Governor's Out of State Vacation Criticized by Democrats

   Governor Rick Scott is taking a vacation for the first time since taking office in January. He casually mentioned his plans to reporters before he left and quickly drew criticism from Florida Democrats.

WLRN Miami Herald reporter Gina Jordan tells us Democrats think Scott is being hypocritical because of where he's vacationing.



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Vinny Margott

Of course the governor, having struggled with the legislature this session, may be a little more nervous than some governors had been about a challenge in the primaries.


Obama has taken numerous vacations, endless rounds of golf, endless fundraisers, and the outcry from fellow Democrats??

Hello pot, this is kettle.

Tally Folly

Maybe Scott should spend his vacations in Florida trying to promote tourism.
Besides he could engage in his favorite pass-time here in FLA, pissing off and disenfranchising Floridians.
AND BTW Reubtallygirl
No president ever took as much vacation time as GW.


@ Repubtallygirl-
"numerous rounds of golf"
How many games of golf is that?

"endless fundraisers"-
Most events last only a couple hours, more or less, so they wouldn't be "endless", e.g., without an end point. Perhaps you meant "endless", e.g., Iraq War Bush gave us, started in 2001 and without an end in sight, that could be "endless"?


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