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Guess who's not coming to NRCC dinner? Rep. David Rivera

It looks like every Republican U.S. Rep. from Florida is sponsoring an upcoming Miami fundraising dinner featuring Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Except for one: Miami Rep. David Rivera, who's snarled in a legal investigation over his ties to a $500,000 dog track contract, his changing statements, and his questionable federal and state financial disclosure forms (each of which he changed).

The investigation is continuing.

Rivera's fundraising has been hit. And so has his reputation in top-level Republican circles, where some are concerned about the investigation as well as his shifting answers. In short, it's not the sort of background that the 18 other Republican congressmen/women want to deal with in the $10,000-per-couple dinner for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

So much for Rep. Pete Session's claim that Rivera was "doing a very good job," eh?

Check out the conspicuously absent Rivera on the invite. Download NRCCinvite


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Remember Esther Nuhfer? Rivera's campaign consultant that sucked the Republican Party dry. Well here she is in Puerto Rico with our favorite Republican, Marco Rubio. http://www.flickr.com/photos/63622372@N05/5794392008/in/set-72157626753071139/

Kharma cometh

Ahhahahahahah... oh man, this just keeps getting better and better!


I bet she sucked Rubio dry.


That's the girl that use to work at the Water & Sewer department. These people are sooo obivous about their schemes. Arrogance has no mercy.

joe blow

looks like Esther will be heading to the slammer pretty soon!
hope she's a switch hitter!

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