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How Mike Haridopolos stands apart from the Senate candidate pack

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos is breaking with fellow Republican Senate candidates (and Washington partisan orthodoxy) to stand alone on two high-profile issues: The so-called Ryan Medicare plan and the draw-down of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Haridopolos said he would've voted no on the Ryan Medicare plan (albeit, after bumbling his answer). Republicans Adam Hasner, George LeMieux and Mike McCallister said they'd vote for it.

Yesterday, at a candidate forum, Haridopolos seemed to back President Obama's draw down of troops. His GOP opponents and Capitol Hill Republicans have criticized the draw-down saying it's too much too quickly and bucks the advice of the generals.

 “Our politicians need to let the generals win the war and they need to listen to them,” said McCalister, a former military man who boasts of being the only candidate to wear a service uniform. Drawing the support of LeMieux and Hasner, McCallister said it was a bad idea to set a date for troop withdrawals.

But Haridopolos said the troops should come home quickly.

"That has to be done because we are stretched thin at home,'' said the Merritt Island Republican, who later backpedaled and added that he did not support any timeline for withdrawing. "I think we need to look at home first.” 

Aside from separating himself from his opponents, Haridopolos' positions have another similarity: Both are popular positions that befit a candidate in a general election, rather than a partisan primary. Haridopolos will argue his positions make him more electable. Opponents will say it makes him a poll-tested "populist," which has became a slur in the GOP in the wake of Charlie Crist.

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No More Bill Nelson

Agree with Haridoplos on Afghanistan, but disagree on Medicare. He's right...we need to focus at home, and that includes doing something substantial now about Medicare. To me, his two positions seem inconsistent. Maybe it is about populism...


We need a REAL conservative candidate for Senate who can win in November. Two of these guys are re-inventing themselves (Hasner and LeMeiux), the other two will never beat Nelson.


this republican would vote for a goat before i'd vote for any of this candidates. Haridopolos is just trying to move from the tea party to the middle to get elected. It won't work.



George Fuller

Mike also welcomes illegal aliens in the state to stay.

When the bill SB 2040 came up to protect jobs for legal workers he appointed Sen. Flores and Sen Alexander, both opponents of immigration laws for different reasons, her for ethnicity, his becasue his company Alico admits in their 2010 Annual report, page 11, if immigration laws are passed they might not be able to harvest their crops......sounds like a criminal illegal employer to me......

With Choices made by Mike like Flores and Alexander to handle protecting legal workers can you imagine how he would screw up in the US Senate?

Beckie Cooper

"Beware of Mike McCallister" says Alexander George, candidate for U.S. Senate
Alexander George, Republican candidate for United States Senate, responds to Florida Senate Debate - Warns against Mike McCallister

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 02, 2011 – CAMPAIGN PRESS RELEASE

Alexander George for United States Senate
Contact: Beckie A.Cooper
For Immediate Release
July 1, 2011

Alexander George responds to first Florida Senate Debate: Beware of Mike McCallister

Alexander George, Republican candidate for United States Senate, responded to this week's U.S. Senate debate. Mr. George, one of several candidates not invited to the debate, said he is not surprised. "At this early stage in the campaign, only the high profile candidates are getting major media attention. That's fine by me, frankly I see it as an advantage. The media focuses on poll numbers, I understand that fact. I've met with thousands of voters since declaring my candidacy. Their encouragement means more to me than any poll." said George. The candidate went on to express that he viewed the debates as "an early vetting process".

The televised meeting gave us a great look at our "major" candidates. The foreign policy aspect of the debate very much disturbed Mr. George. "I saw four men on that stage" said George, "but only three statesmen". Mr. George agrees with the statements made by Representative Hasner and, more so, Senator LeMieux. "Senator LeMieux made the right call by saying we should not withdraw troops based on next year's election" said George. "President Obama is indeed working off of a "timetable". This policy endangers our troops and degrades our standing in the world".

Mr. George went on express that he was "stunned but not shocked by the foreign policy position" of State Senate President Mike Haridopolos. "I respect the opinion of Senator Haridopolos, but strongly disagree. Most people I've spoken to oppose President Obama's weak position. We're talking about national security. I pray for our troops every day and support them with the help of many patriotic organizations. Of course we want our troops to come home, but we cannot destabilize the Middle East in the interests of political necessity. As a citizen, I require some clarity". Today, Mr. George sent a letter to the office of the Florida State Senate President, as well as the President of the United States, asking for clarification on exactly how our troops are "stretched thin at home".** (see below) "I believe the American people are united behind our armed forces, and united against the war on terror" said George.

The debate covered many issues, but foreign policy did take precedence. Opinions are important, but "The position voiced by Colonel Mike McCallister, U.S. Army-retired, is an entirely different story" said George. "What I saw is a man who needs to read his Constitution". Colonel McCallister has told the Herald that “Our politicians need to let the generals win the war and they need to listen to them.”

Mr. George, who has met the Colonel, said the comments "disturbed" him. "The good Colonel needs to be reminded that the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces is a civilian....In these parts, we call him The President of the United States. We can relieve him, or her, at the ballot box. Is the Colonel suggesting that the Joint Chief's should control the military without oversight?" asked George. "I'm honestly not one to judge" said George. "I listened to one of the Colonel's speeches before I decided to enter this race. He reminded the audience that he is a retired Colonel sixteen times. I met his campaign manager at Governor Scott's inaugural ball. He's a formidable opponent, but he should calm down a bit. The military does not run our nation".

George acknowledged the fact that Colonel McCallister ran a tough campaign for Governor in 2010. While he describes McCallister as "formidable", he urges Floridians to take a second look at the Colonel. "If you don't like me and what I stand for, take a look at the others in this race.. Whatever you do, please do not pick a former Colonel who, in his heart, believes that military authority supersedes civilian authority. We are a democracy.... while his heart is in the right place place, Colonel McCallister is misguided. I support our troops and military commanders one hundred percent. The military commanders work with our democratically elected civilian leaders. We owe our Founding Fathers. We must continue the laws they set in place" said George.

Amongst many other troop supporting organizations, Alexander George is a supporter of the World War II Museum, Adopt-a-Platoon, USO, and was recently named a Devil Dog Club member of the U.S. Marine Corps Heritage Fund.

The Honorable Mike Haridopolos
President, Florida State Senate

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States of America

Dear Senator Haridopolos,

I hope all is well in Tallahassee. This week you made a foreign policy statement regarding the immediate withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East. You said that our troops should come home quickly because it "is a move that has to be done because we are stretched thin at home". Based on your statement, I conclude that you support President Obama's foreign policy.

My campaign has taken me to every corner of Florida. In addition to that fact, I am very well travelled and have spoken to countless citizens throughout the United States. Exactly, how are we "stretched thin at home"? Please clarify your statement. I speak for my fellow citizens when I say your statement confuses us. Our nation is united and stronger than ever. We will stand together and fight our foreign enemies.

This is not a question of partisan politics. President Obama is acting on what he believes is in the best interests of our nation. That is his right as Commander in Chief. I commend our President for continuing many of the policies initiated by President Bush. I do not agree with proposed withdrawals. We have checks and balances for a reason. People will cast their ballots Senator, and they have a right to know where you stand. I humbly ask you to clarify your statement.

All the best,


Alexander L. George
Candidate for United States Senate, Republican

# # #

Alexander George for United States Senate 2012
Official press release iisued by Press Secretary BA Cooper - George For Senate 2012
ChampionsGate, Florida

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