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Investigation tolls on David Rivera's fundraising

Once-prolific fundraiser David Rivera is having a tougher time raising loads of cash now that he's under investigation for his relationship with a dog track (last story here). The fundraising reports released last night for the second quarter of the year show the Miami Republican took in just $33,500. And he spent $40,584.82. So the freshmen whose party is railing about fiscal responsibility is shelling out more than he's taking in.

He spent $10,000 (about a third of the money raised) for "fundraising consulting" for Capital Strategies and GF Strategies (is that GF as in "girlfriend" Esther Nuhfer?. Perhaps not. It looks like the company has had some other work). One intriguing expense $6,038.13 for the Washington law firm of Patton Boggs.

Though he has $62,036.07 cash on hand, his committee's debts and obligations total $151,580.58 --nearly $90,000 for a "media expense" through the Victory Group and more than $46,000 for "fundraising consulting" via Capital Strategies and GF Strategies.



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Is this guy actually doing something other than fundraising?

George Fuller

Why haven't the Congressional Republicans told this dirtbag to leave?........Maybe he could get a job dealing at the dogtrack he helped out

Impartiality anyone?

What a hatchet job ... I mean typical Miami Herald piece.

1) In America a man is innocent until proiven guilty. Yet this "piece" assumes he is guilty of something.

2) Obviously he must be "doing something other than fundraising" - since he has raised comparativeli little.

3) A more interesting piece might be about the Freshman US Senator who ranked third in lobbying contributions from the housing industry - in the midst of a housing meltdown. Check opensecrets.org His name is Barack Obama.

Charlene Whitney

Just wondering.......but, why did the Herald wait until AFTER Rivera won the election to begin investigating him seriously? Wouldn't it have been nice for the voters to have know about his many ethically-challenged activities BEFORE they went to the polls?


David won't have any problems. The investigations will just dry up, compliments of his CIA background.

joe blow

poor David! wonder if Esther will take care of him after he gets booted from Congress and finishes his prison term?
wonder what David's BFF Marcocito Rubio will say?


Probably not. I'd like the herald to investigate this photo please.


What is Esther doing praying with Marco in Puerto Rico? I don't see Rivera and the photo was taken within the past 2 months. Please explain.


A dirt bag representing the dirt bags that voted for him.just what you expected from that area of miami.we see it over and over ,they love to elect bull sh---ers ,the voted for marco rubio who lied and riped off the state repblican party funds.

Not Surprised

Maybe Rubio was babbysitting her.
They're all in bed together.

Donald Trumps hair

Hahahahahha, that guy Rivera wears a tupay. Hahahahahaha he is a crook with a bad piece.

Miami Mafia

They share her or the money or both? She's the brunette one right. Can't they do better in Miami?

col. kurtz

They all lived togethr in tallahassee. theyre personal friends. Alina Garcia is the other one. theyre all the focus of investigation. why is Rubio even being seen with them. bad judgement. the puerto rico prayer meeting was a cover for a big rubio fundraiser. that guy is slicker than rivera. and he lives with rivera in DC. Caputo, all you got to do is keep digging.

Find peace in God

Lots of people with internal pain on this blog. We must all pray for them to find peace.

Rubio's in trouble

Are you going to pray in front of a projection screen that displays kissing women?


What kind of church is that? Keep your prayers. You're going to need them.


To Impartiality anyone? - ever heard the old phrase where there's smoke there's fire? Rivera needs to go......

morally bankrupt

hahahhaha... if Rivera is smoking, then Rubio's on fire! If one goes down, they both go down.

col. kurtz

you are correct, we all need to pray and we all would benefit from prayers for us.
part of our internal pain is caused by corrupt politicians who we elect and who live off our taxpayer money and who refuse to come clean to the public. rivera and rubio won't even speak to the media. they answer through written statements that are evasive. we pay them and therefore oversight of their behavior is appropriate. they could end the circus but their evasiveness only keeps it going. they have only themselves to blame. nobody forced them to break the rules.

He is a putz

Why not check on his relationship with Klewin Construction and what he was getting paid by them to "lobby" for them. Maybe that's why they got a contract at FIU ?????? At the very least his "income" should have been reported on both his financial disclosure and IRS tax returns ?????

Rubio should resign

Why did Rubio list Norman Brahman as one of his largest clients in his 2009 tax return? What kind of work did Rubio do for Brahman when Rubio was spending all of his time Running for the Senate? And why did Brahman contribute to both Rubio and Rivera in a big way?

col. kurtz

did anyone notice ileana medina and the various rivera's that contributed to his campaign? THEY WERE ALL PART OF THE DOG TRACK DEAL.


in all fairness, 10% of last names in Miami are Rivera

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