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Karl Rove ad attacks Pres. Obama, en Español

The Karl Rove group American Crossroads has issued a Spanish language ad attacking Barack Obama over the economy.

The press release:

Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) today announced the launch of a new Spanish ad, “Despertarse,” as part of its $20 million advocacy campaign on runaway government spending and debt. The ad, a Spanish language version of the nationally-televised “Wake up” spot, will air on Spanish-language broadcast television stations in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Washington DC.

The sixty-second issue advocacy ad seeks to counterbalance the messaging coming from President Obama’s bully pulpit during the debt limit debate. It is the first Spanish-language issue advertisement by Crossroads GPS. It will air in the Miami, Orlando and Tampa markets.

"As the debt limit negotiations heat up and the president uses his office to gain free media attention to promote tax increases, it is crucial to make sure that both English and Spanish-speaking Americans are getting the facts,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS. "President Obama and his congressional allies have already wasted hundreds of billions of our tax dollars, and we need to send them the message that they don’t deserve another penny in taxes.”

The new Spanish ad can be viewed here. The media buys for the effort currently exceed $158,000 for one week of advertising, though they are likely to be extended.

The new spot is part of a summer-long, $20 million effort by Crossroads GPS to urge decisive action by Congress to cut spending and the national debt and start rebuilding the nation’s economy.



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when someone will tke the debate where it should be, the constitution :


what an inauthentic advertisement. Limbaugh and the GOP et al are seriously using this advertisement as a means to garner support for a GOP/tea party candidate? These guys hate Hispanics; they hate Spanish speakers; and they hate so many...but a vote is a vote. Please, let us hope that the most marginalized groups in America do not fall sway to this propaganda machine's lies.

Martin Lee

I really think Thealloriginal needs to come up with more original thought. Please do not say one person or another 'hates' someone else unless you have documented proof. That comment you just left spews more hate the what you claim to be hateful. Ease up and be positive, present facts, and then we can have a discussion. Thank you.




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