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Karl Rove group's ad: "Tell Bill Nelson no more blank checks."

Crossroads GPS is launching a second ad against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. The spot blames Nelson for higher taxes and spending while Americans struggle to find jobs and pay more for gas and groceries.

The "reckless spending" cited in the ad, though, is a bipartisan affair, as Republicans also ran up budgets in the George W. Bush era. The ad buy in Florida is $560,000. Ads are also playing against Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

On Sunday, we looked at the rise of the third-party expenditure groups like Crossroads GPS and affiliate American Crossroads, which plan to spend $20 million in July and August alone. Story here.


-- Alex Leary, St. Petersburg Times


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"The 'reckless spending' cited in the ad, though, is a bipartisan affair, as Republicans also ran up budgets in the George W. Bush era."

Thanks for the partisan spin, Alex. Shill for Bill Nelson much? Which party has a legitimate, score-able plan to rein in spending?


I am a Republican but do not believe that Bill Nelson can be beat. I'll believe it when I see it. He's the robot Senator.

Dr. Kerry Hussaun Omomba

We Floridians are fed-up with Nelson and Omomoba!

John Totten

When Clinton left office, we had a $5 trillion surplus. When Bush left office we had a %5.3 trillion deficit.
The National Debt was raised 7 times under Bush (twice in one year) and that didn't even include the war costs as they were being run up on the government credit card.
CGPS, fronted by Rove and funded by Koch, has a miserable rating of truthfulness as shown repeatedly by Fact Check and Politifact.
These lies are only believed by the people unwilling or uncaring about truth. The same people that gave credence to the 'Swiftboat Attacks' which were demonstrably false.
Which group are you in?


to;John Totten,why can't you seem to remember all the lies Obama and the Democrats have told?Selective memory? That surplus of Clinton's was a "projected surplus" that didn't come true after the dot com bust,but at least he looked good for a while,since he was lucky enough to take office as the internet took off.

dennis sundin

screw the tea party the republican party bush2 , chenny , rove the whole lot of you . do you think that we are all retards and have forgoten the last eleven years - how much of the presidents spending was trying to repair your screw ups

ben e hille

Obama one term moron.

ben e hille

2006 Obama voted against raising the debt,2007 and 08 Obama did not bother to vote.Now Obama is sweating LMAO

Bill Plat

Dennis, do you live under a rock? Who controlled the house and senate while Bush was in office. How many times did Bust tell your Demos that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going down the crapper if they did not do something. In case you do not know, it was 17 times. Your boy Barney Frank said nothing was wrong with FM and FM. Looks like old Barney got that one wrong. Your Mac Daddy has spent more that all of the other presidents put together. How is that working out for you? The only mess that Zero tried to clean up was a Democrat mess and he has failed miserably with that one. By the way we are going to deport him next month. And yes I do think you are a retard. No sane person would think like you do.

Bill Plat

Factcheck.org Oh yes my chicken will definitely eat that one up. Is this the same bunch that says Obama' BC is good to go? HaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh please stop you are killing me on this. Why not try this. Go to factcheck and see if you need your head examined. Lord what a trip.

Pat Thompson

The republicans controlled the house and senate until they lost the house, two years before George Bush and the republicans lost. After two wars and many unfunded spending/tax cuts for the rich, the republicans were voted out. By the time Obama became president, the economy was already flushed down the toilet. Now the tea party is a sham wrapped in lies. Created by the super wealthy to dupe the middles class. The republican part is like a cancer or terrorist, attacking the host. I was a republican. Now I am a DEMOCRAT. It is sad that any citizen of this country is laughing while our government is so disfunctional.


Can anyone tell us why the 2010 election was such an overwhelming sucess for the TEA party conservatives and republicans...Think for a second ,a minute maybe an hour.An original thought anyone??? Maybe we are all tired of all the games and we want the TRUTH from our government.
The "veil" has been lifted,we can all see the truth and it's notcoming from this administration.Have you really watched closely when "they all speak??
The truth is NO Where to be found.

There is the belief that if you think negative that's what you will get...so why don't we all think positive ,as Americans do best and this "bump in this road will turn out for the betterment of America now and for the many many years ahead that God will bless us with(which ever loving God you believe in)
The AMERICAN people are wake with their eyes wide open and they have spoken ....but this democratic president/administration congress and senate do not believe us when we say WE THE PEOPLE are in charge..WE Pay YOU to do the business you were elected to do ...SO get with the people and hold the line ..do what is right..For AMERICA not a bloated "AGENDA" determined to bring this country down and remove our GOD given Freedom's and Rights to live with-out repression,to work hard and reap our just rewards.These things we work for belong to us who do the work for our families and the brave men and women of our military that keep us free and safe.
There is a monentous change coming and this country is ready for the blessing that is on it's way.it will be hard but we will triumph as always,because??? AMERICA is on track to put freedom back on it right path.To uphold our Constitution and God given Rights.
May god bless AMERICA and us all,may his faith shine down upon us and may you find and live his peace and grace all of your years.
Pray everyday for America so she may fulfill our god given purpose for all the world.
We are the most blessed country ever(along with Israel)on the face of the earth..don't forget that ever.
May God bless you all who are working so hard for this country we love so much.Listen to your hearts and you will know the TRUTH


Has it ever occured to you overpaid/underworked
politicians to take a pay cut instead of always
hitting on seniors (Social Security pays less than $2000.00/month) A society shows its value
by how it treats its elderly and its young.
So knock off punishing the schools, libraries &
other promises of the future of America.
Take some off the overheavy top....yourself.

Get Real

Karl Rove is a lobbyist for big business interests and always has been. This GPS Cross Roads thing is just more of the same. These exorbitantly funded ads are not about making things better for the average citizen. Rather its about replacing judges and politicians with pro-business politians and judges who represent big businees interests and the wealthy. Unless you have boat loads of money to defend agianst these fat cats, they will discredit you with their half truths and lies and take you down. There is not much you can do about it. Get real, ask yourself this is this stuff really in my best interest or is it to get the rich even richer? So what you will end up with here is a government of the wealthy, for the wealthy, and by the wealthy and the rest (like me and probably you if you're not one of the top 2% in income)are screwed. Get real


Until American people wake up and really educate themselves, they will believe all these sound bites from the slaves, eg.Karl Rove/Dick Armey, of the rich masters (Koch Brothers) who will always manipulate the poor for more power and money. Poor suckers who always vote against their own interests, I guess maybe would that be the tea-partiers!


"Thanks for the partisan spin, Alex. Shill for Bill Nelson much? Which party has a legitimate, score-able plan to rein in spending?"

Stating the fact that George W. Bush spent away the family farm is partisan? Stating the -fact- that Republicans spent $5 trillion dollars between 2001 and 2009 somehow "shills for Bill Nelson?"

And yes, I wonder: -which- party has a "legitimate, score-able plan to reign in spending?" Republicans may talk about slashing spending, but it's never wasteful spending. No, it's been about cutting Medicare and Social Security for old people who worked for it...it's about cutting funds for infrastructure...it's about cutting funds for education. It's not about closing loopholes for hedge fund managers or raising taxes on companies who outsource their jobs to China.

Reaganomics was a failure. Realize that fact and maybe you'll have a chance to save what's left of our dying country.

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