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Political football or game of futball? Key West soccer team is Havana-bound

From the Key West Citizen:

"In a stunning reversal of fortune for a dozen local soccer-obsessed boys, the U.S. Treasury Department has approved the Key West Strikers' request to play exhibition games later this month as part of the Cuban Junior Olympics in Havana.

The Strikers are Cuba-bound.

The approval, which arrived just 17 days after the team's same request was flatly denied by the Treasury, means the team is departing Miami to Cuba on July 14, and the boys are free to stay through July 20...."

Normally, traveling youth sports teams aren't big news. But this is Cuba, where any visitor can become a target of criticism from exiles, a piece of propaganda for the dictatorship and a political football for a president. Will that happen here, or will the boys be allowed just to play futball?


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Soccer is the most complicated sport talking about the rules, sometimes the polemic is present in many seasons

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