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Lakeland's Dennis Ross among the GOP freshman to tell John Boehner "no"

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland, took the bold step today of saying "no" to House Speaker John Boehner.

Ross was among the freshman Republicans who told Boehner, R-Ohio, that he wouldn't be voting for the speaker's debt-ceiling proposal. Republicans struggled Thursday to find enough votes within their own ranks to pass a GOP plan to cut future deficits and raise the nation's debt limit — even though their party leaders were solidly behind the plan. And even though recalcitrant Republicans marched in and out of Boehner's office Thursday for arm-twisting sessions. 

Ross had this to say on Facebook about his decision: "Let me just say, that it makes me sadly chuckle on the inside when I hear folks who were here in DC when pres. Bush didn't pay for the wars, raised discretionary spending by more than most Democrat Presidents, and generally approved budgets that led us down this path, tell me that "I don't get it." -- and I mean folks in MY party."

Boehner postponed an early evening vote on the debt ceiling to continue to twist arms. Instead, he and other leaders worked furiously to persuade 217 Republicans to vote for passage. 


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Zadoc Paet

Well, big surprise. Boehner couldn't whip is people into line. One step closer to default; one step closer to totally financial melt down. Gotta love the tea party. What's going to happen? :(

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Frustrated Voter

It must be remembered that the Democrats have controlled Congress since January of 2007. They had complete control with super majorities (meaning the minority party had zero influence in the budget process) since January of 2009. This was also the year that the Democrats took back the White House. For two years the Democrats controlled all aspects of the the law making process. During that time, they managed to add $4.3 trillion to the federal debt. During the current crisis, the Republican - who only control the House of Representatives - have submitted two plans to end this crisis. The Democrats, including President Obama, have offered no such solutions. This crisis is clearly the responsibility of the Democrats - who refuse to compromise on cutting any type of entitlement programs or adding a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. All they want to do is raise taxes and spend more! It is they who are putting the "Fiscal Gun" to the head of this country. Shame!

If you want more information on the real agenda of President Obama and the Democrats, google the American Thinker article on the Cloward and Piven economid strategy.

Phony Baloney

Frustrated Voter, you are truly the problem with the Country today but refuse to look in the mirror. You buy into the conspiracy theories pushed in the article you mention and act as if you are always on the right side of the debates. Unfortunately, there are many out there just like you. Most Americans can see what political view is good or bad when it affects their personal life. We should all be more independent thinking when considering legislation or policies that affects our society as a whole. As a veteran and now a public servant (firefighter), I take offense to the half truths you spread in defense of jerks like Dennis Ross or any other politician who claims to serve the "citizens" who elected them. They show allegiance to their political party, as you do, over the will of the people they serve. You are definitely entitled to your own views but not your own facts, so please do us all a favor and get lost. I apologize to those reading this who may think I am doing the same as the person seem to be lecturing but I am completely over these narrow minded nitt witts who believe compromise for the betterment of all of us is the wrong thing to do because they don't agree with an alter political view.

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