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Liberals make Allen West's 'vile' comments to Wasserman Schultz a campaign issue

Republican Rep. Allen West's email trashing of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz now looks like a campaign issue.

A potential challenger, West Palm Beach Democrat Lois Frankel issued a written statement saying the Republican's "out of control, rude, sexist and completely inappropriate remarks is it any wonder that Washington can’t get anything done?  We have critical issues from the debt ceiling to creating jobs to two wars; yet instead of getting things done for South Florida families Allen West would rather grandstand and call names that are offensive to all of us."

Emily's list, the abortion-rights group, said in a statement that it will likely back Frankel and "will communicate with the almost one million members of our community in every way we can – on line, in the mail, through earned and paid media – to ensure they know of West’s angry assault on Wasserman Schultz – and to let them know that they have the power to replace West with strong, prochoice Lois Frankel."


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Bring it, you vile libs! Thankgawd, someone finally called out that hateful wretched Wasserman.


As well they should. Should an absurd blunder is easy political fodder. It's not like the West train wasn't coming off at the wheels already anyway...


Should --> Such

And Joe, how was Wasserman-Schultz's statement of simple facts "hateful" ? Typical -- facts hurt conservatives more than anything else.


That's the best this tea party super hero can muster? Such an unmanly response. West sounds like a whiny b**ch. I'm sure he will draw rave reviews from the baggers.


That's the best this tea party super hero can muster? Such an unmanly response. West sounds like a whiny b**ch. I'm sure he will draw rave reviews from the baggers.

Valerie Parkhurst

The Left can make it a campaign issue until the Cows come home. Allen West only said what the people of "Her own District" are saying. This woman represents MY DISTRICT and she is an embarrasment to everyone in it. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Col. West put this poor excuse for a Representative in her place. The progressives can rant and rave all they want. People like me will just send Allen West a check and a Thank You!!


The left doesn't need to "make" campaign issues about West. He is providing more than enough evidence that he is not suited to high office. Interesting that West chooses to live in DSW's district rather than the one he supposedly represents.


Valerie, if West is so great and DSW is "an embarrassment to everyone in [her district], why doesn't he take on DSW head to head? Clearly because he can't beat DSW one-on-one and had to run in a district with a weak incumbent, a district where he is now in danger of losing his seat.


She has been horrible and demonstrated almost no limit to the level she will drop to in attacks. Of course if a conservative is attacked by her and her party to unbelievable levels then that's ok. When he responds back in just describing her attacks in truthful words he is the bad guy? No she needs to stop jumping into the to sewer for her levels of attacks.


Debbie: Flap the gums first, check the facts later!


Then why doesn't West run against her?


*Crickets chirping* I suppose no one has an answer so I will leave you to your tea party dreams. Have a good day.


Wasserman is vile. Extremely vile and ugly both inside and out. She likes to throw out moronic accusations and lies, and always seems on the verge of hysteria and insanity. How anyone can stand looking at or lisenting to her is a mystery.


Wasserman Shultz is a political hack of the first order. She represents the extreme left that has hijacked the Democratic Party and made governing impossible. Yet she loves to portray herself as the sympathetic, loving, caring soccer mom/cancer survivor/friend of Gabbie Giffords. Give me a break.

She is no lady and West was absolutely right to call her out. She thinks she is still in high school where she can attack others while hiding behind the teacher's skirt. This ain't high school anymore....

Congressman West has fixed his bayonet....just like he promised. Debbie should stand aside or prepare to get skewered....metaphorically speaking of course. Let's see if she can "stand the heat".


Remember Debbie has said that the Democrats "own" this economy.

How is that hope and change working out for you?


PLEASE! PLEASE! Congressman West please stop your rhetoric and concentrate on helping businesses create more better paying jobs.


why is it the West can say rude things about the President and get away with it. It doesn't matter what she says it's called Freedom of speech. And everyone calls every one out in Washington. Did she curse or call him a vile name. No she said it like it is. He hasn't done anything but try to do away with peoples rights. Less goverment, theres more now then before. And I am not a Democrat, just a working 8-5 tax payer.


Allen West is no gentleman and it makes you wonder about the competence of our military that this guy was an ever officer. You may not like Wasserman Schultz or her politics, but she was critical of his positions on policy. West is making this personal. West should defend his positions and tell us what is lacking in Wasserman Schultz's positions. What is vile is West engaging in personal attacks. It just shows he lacks the courage to defend his political positions.

Eric, NY

WWasserman Schultz looks and sounds like Weiner.


Wow, the blind hate and vileness and of the TeaParty is sometimes astounding, and they cant see who it actually reflects poorly on...


So DWS refers to AW in an argument about the budget being balanced on the backs of the poor, elderly, students, and working class and the need for shared sacrifice. AW responds with name calling. Is it just me or does one seem more mature and politically minded than the other?


Instead of resorting to calling names, Mr. West should (instead) get back to work and explain why his party's ideas are the ones to support. Right now he just seems a little paranoid. *especially with his note of her "attacking" him after he left...maybe he should not have left "the office" in the first place.

Never surprised

I wonder what aspect of Wasserman-Schultz use of her freedom of speech offends the honorable Mr. West the most; the fact that she is an accomplished politician, an attractive woman with brains, or her Jewish heritage...


West obviously had heard enough. The left continues to promote class warfare, and depict the economic disaster we currently are suffering as somehow solveable IF we only would tax the wealthy even more! The top 1% of earners already pay 40% of our nations taxes! Taking more from them won't amount to a drop in the ocean if we don't cut spending. There has never been any intention on the part of the Republicans to do away with Medicare or Medicaid and to imply that as Wasserman did is a bold faced lie, fear mongering and she knows it. Kudos to West for calling it like it is.


Hey Valerie, this is one of the few occassions where we actually agree! Congrats and GO WEST!!!

Kar Ben

There have been a lot of changes since this was posted. The war on women goes on, but the women are winning. This is the 21st century.

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