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Marco Rubio, author?

Word in Miami political circles is that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is inking a book deal, and the senator's office isn't quite denying it.*** So who knows?

Chances are, Rubio's in for a good million if there's a deal in the works. But that's pure speculation based on the way the national news media, tea-party types and Republican candidates covet his endorsement or even his spot as a v.p. candidate in the coming presidential elections.

A gifted speaker, Rubio plays up his immigrant roots with morning-again-in-America rhetorical paeans about the greatness of this country. Rubio, 40, is the son of a bartender and housekeeper who worked in Las Vegas before moving to Miami around1985

Rubio already has already pushed one book, 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future, which was a roadmap of policy ideas he planned to push as Florida House speaker in 2007-2008. The ideas were gathered at so-called "idea raisers," where lawmakers solicited opinions from the public. Rubio paid relatively little attention to the book once he got in office because he decided to concentrate on property-tax cuts.

 The book didn't pay royalties, but it paid political dividends. It enabled Rubio to travel the state and help build a grassroots network he later tapped in his improbable defeat of Gov. Charlie Crist.

***When asked if Rubio's inking/has inked a book deal, his spokesman said he does not have one.

Ok, that's past tense. Is he inking a deal/talks?

A: "He has long been interested in writing a book at some point, but there is nothing to announce for now."