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Mike Haridopolos loses tea-party straw vote in his own backyard

The bad news keeps coming for Florida Senate President and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos. Yesterday, we learned his two top-level staffers were leaving his campaign. Now we get word he lost the Space Coast Tea Party straw poll.

The big winner: Adam Hasner, who's getting that tea-party buzz.

Straw polls by themselves are no biggie. But this is the backyard for the Merritt Island Republican. And straw polls they mean something. Just ask Charlie Crist when now-Sen. Marco Rubio parlayed straw-poll wins and tea-party appearances into what seemed like an improbable win in 2010.

The results: 

Who would you MOST like to be Florida’s U.S. Senator in 2012? 

Adam Hasner – 36 votes

Mike McCalister – 24 votes

George LeMieux – 12 votes

Mike Haridopolos – 5 votes

Undecided – 13 votes


Who would you LEAST like to be U.S. Senator in 2012?

Mike Haridopolos – 62 votes

George LeMieux – 7 votes

Adam Hasner – 1 vote

Mike McCalister – 1 vote

Undecided – 1 votes Bill Nelson – 1 vote



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Saint Petersblog

The coming Haridopocalypse



Often folks one's own back yard neighbors are those who know best about you and what to expect from you.

Hairy-Dupe-All-Us has got a high negatives problem.

He looks good, but it's more important to be good.

His problem is not that he's not conservative; it is that he's ineffective ... at achieving conservative goals--for example, last legislative session he resisted what we really need, which are large property tax cuts in favor of higher than necessary government spending.

Add to that, he expects to ride into federal office on a flood of special interest money ... more politicians like that, most agree we don't need in D.C.


he also stabbed us in the back over E-varify, all the while telling us he was for it, but rigging the committees so that it would fail. Slime like him we do not need.


Just some truth:I was in Tallahassee for both events in supropt of Governor Scott. There were more folks at the first event, but cxertainly NOT thousands . Also, there were certainly more than 45 folks at the second event. Guess the Sunshine State News writer was not there and does not know Michael Warns and his wonderful band. Michael goes where he wants to go and was not paid to be in Tallahassee. One who trusts Liberal/Socialist comments about Donald Trump most likely are not getting the truth. It is best to look up Mr. Trump's audio quotes for yourself.

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