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Mitt Romney to speak at CPAC in Florida

The American Conservative Union -- which puts on one of the biggest gatherings for conservatives in DC every year -- says Mitt Romney will address CPAC FL – the organization’s first in a series of regional events "expanding on the legacy of the Conservative Political Action Conference."

CPAC FL will be held Sept. 23 in Orlando. ACU chairman Al Cardenas, who backed Romney in 2008, calls him a "tested, conservative leader who continues to offer thoughtful, substantive free-market solutions in the wake of the disastrous economic agenda advanced by President Obama."

Cardenas says CPAC FL will bring national and state conservative leaders and grassroots activists together for a day of "blockbuster speeches, policy discussions and networking opportunities."

Invited CPAC FL speakers include "hometown rising stars Marco Rubio and Allen West," 2012 presidential candidates "and many more conservative heroes."


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Why CPAC Florida? Does it have anything to do with Mitt Romneys primary Fundraiser Mel Sembler?

That goes for the Republican National Convention as well...

Spoiler alert....Romney is already the presidential candidate...these meetings are designed to weed out who will be running for the vice-president position....


Mitt will never win the US Presidency simply because he is a "Mormon" who loves his family, loves his country, who wants to help solve the american economy in deep crisis, wants to give his salary (as president) to charity organizations (in case he wins), etc.etc....

Neel Jac

Romney's dad was the best governor Michigan ever had, but he needs something so he's not so vinilla. I'm with Gingrich right now but I think Romney/Rice would be the most responsible combo. Rice has 8 years experience in the white house, is a southerner, and is accepted as one of the republican good ole boys. Rice would give Romney something unique. Her endorsement, and a hint from Romney that its time for republicans to have a women on the ticket, could steal Mrs Bachmann's thunder in time for the South Carolina show down primary with Perry.

Neel Jac

Edit ^: I forgot about Palin being a women on the ticket. oops. I think Rice is better qualified/experienced than Palin was/is.

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