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New Bill Filed to Ban Internet Cafes in Florida

    A bill filed in Tallahassee would ban internet cafes in Florida. Critics call the cafes “strip mall casinos.” These are places where you can pay to surf the web and be rewarded with a sweepstakes entry.   As WLRN Miami Herald reporter Gina Jordan tells us, there are differing opinions about whether the state should regulate internet cafes or whether that should be left to local governments.


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native Floridian

Who filed/sponsored the bill? What is the bill number? Who is "behind" the bill supporting it and its sponsor? A pro-casino lobbyist organization that doesn't want gambling business taken away?


It's gambling under the guise of helping causes. The people running them are getting rich.


of course the casinos dont want internet cafes, taking money out of their pockets is a no no,,,,whatever the state of florida and the tribes who run the casinos have a sweetheart deal between them......no cafes then no casinos


if the agriculture dept would enforce the statute that they have that regulates sweepstake promotions their would not be as many cafes, because some do not meet the standard set by the agriculture dept.

Davis Prime

They manipulate loopholes and mock our laws, our lawmakers and us, as voters. Florida doesn't need them and doesn't want them. We don't have to become another Vegas. Bottom line, it's gambling, and it brings a host of other problems, problems that will cost us. Don't charge them; close them.

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If people choose to visit internet cafes to socialize it is their right to do so. The only reason state and local authorities are opposed to internet cafes is because they haven't yet found a way to line their pockets. If you outlaw liquor people make it in their bathtub. If you outlaw "gambling" people roll dice in an alleyway. Stop trying to regulate morality and instead regulate the industry.

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