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New media's MSM problems: Republican Party might expel, censor blogger 'El Sharko'

When he exploded on the South Florida political scene with his Shark Tank blog, Javier Manjarres (aka "El Sharko") was a boon to fellow Republicans, winning CPAC's blogger of the year in 2010 and regularly scoring on-camera interviews with Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Allen West on the campaign trail when the mainstream press couldn't get near them.

One Republican didn't get the nice-guy treatment: Richard DeNapoli, the chairman of the Broward County Republican Party, of which Manjarres is also a member. Time and again, El Sharko has take a bite out of DeNapoli. DeNapoli and his supporters bit back. 

Now, Manjarres could be expelled from the party. He blogged about it yesterday.

Beyond the typical tussle of personalities within any organization, the kerfuffle between Manjarres and DeNapoli shows that the new media can be a lot like the old media --at a certain point, a reporter/blogger is going to write something that bothers someone. And there are consequences for that, including censorship. 

There are also consequences for trying to censor or expel someone from a party as well. Veteran attack man/Republican operative Roger Stone tweeted that it was a "purge" -- and it was "dumb!" 

Just who said and did what to whom is unclear because the Republican Party is still a private entity, not a government (albeit, like the Democratic Party, it's a shadow government fueled by special-interest cash that helps call the shots of government). What we do know for sure is that competing grievances were filed and, ultimately, Republican higher-ups presented Manjarres with an ultimatum: Stop blogging about the inner-workings of the Broward Republican Party or leave its membership. Manjarres said the decision, though, wasn't clear -- just what was he supposed to write/not write?

Shark Tank critics say the Republican Party of Florida's grievance finding was clear. And it didn't just involve DeNapoli. The letter was issued May 20, 2011.  Download RPOFletter

Meantime, he kept plugging away. In the minds of some party higher-ups, he was acting more like a reporter and less like a silent-majority party loyalist when it came to DeNapoli. So now the state Republican Party of Florida's chairman and committee will decide whether to boot him out of the party structure.

Welcome to swimming (partly) in the waters of the mainstream media, El Sharko.



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Real Media

Clear from this article that the Herald likes Manjarres - probably because of all the trouble he causes Republicans. Also recognize that the favorable stuff he writes was on behalf of those who PAID him to do so. He has gotten paid by republicans in primaries to attack their opponents.

Simply look here http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/broward/blog/rpof%20grievance%20letter.pdf

To see the decision from May. Why is it that a simple Internet search finds this info- while the Herald here doesn't seem to know?

Look here: http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2010/12/the_shark_tank_javier_manjarres.php

Where you can see payments to Manjarres. How about revising your article above?


Remember that Manjarres got interviews by virtue of being involved in the Broward republican party. Shark bit the hand that fed him; took money to slam republicans in primaries - even asking Crist to pay him - and then accused everyone else but himself of being unethical.

Sharko Waco

Truthseeker is right. He is very arrogant and unethical.

BREC member

You forget that DeNapoli also singled out Manjerres for videoing at the Brec yet Anthony Mann of the Sun Sentinel was not required to produce credentials. DeNapoli dislikes anyone that does not share his opinions and makes it know he will destroy them. He lied about living in Palm Beach County and filed to run for a County Commission Seat ( See PBCelections.org) all for his own gain. His Chairmanship is just a stepping stone for him to use others to seek higher office. He is clearly abusing his power as Brec chairman and I have seen the organization go downhill. Yes he raises money - but from Democratic sources?

George Fuller

Isn't he the guy that was mowing lawns?...or perhaps he still does.


I wonder when all the rumors about DeNapoli's homosexual encounters with a sitting Broward county judge gonna cool down?

Johnny Hothead

Caputo, do you really believe the parties are a "shadow government?" How can you believe that when you think it's ok to steal a roll off the buffet line at Tiger Bay?


Javier Manjarres is just looking for a payday and will say or do anything for $$$. He needs the drama to create traffic to his website and get paid through advertisements.

He loves himself and the attention he gets.



get your facts straight....Javier is a single guy and girls don't stand his slimmy slick ways...it may be Javier who has something for Denapoli...

Loyal Insider

This is a family fight and just because family members don't get along does not mean we should cut off one of our family members.

Javier is noisy and makes people uncomfortable, but that has a certain value. Richard is an strong insider and that has value too.

Republicans ultimately should be fighting with Democrats and the State Party should stay out of this family fight or try to direct each of these guys to focus on their strengths.

Richard might want to consider publicly calling on Chairman Bitner to not eject Javier from the Party. That would demonstrate strong leadership and would extend an olive branch...

The chair then could refer this matter back to the grievance committee which could keep the matter on the back burner without killing it so it could be brought back up if needed.

Javier in turn could focus his attention on slaying liberal democrats for a while...

So much more could get done within our party if we could set aside ego. Just a thought!

Longtime BREC Member

Loyal insider, Manjarres was given a chance by the rpof committee in May. He violated the decision. Just read above. As a member of the BREC for over 12 years, I also remember reading an email from DeNapoli congratulating Manjarres on CPAC. DeNapoli also gives everyone a chance at every meeting to speak. Manjarres is only pissed because his guy didn't win back in December and that DeNapoli has been doing a good job. Manjarress is only concerned with making money and trashing people - anyone who doesn't agree with him or pay him he attacks. Manjarres is only loyal to the almighty dollar.


From the May 20th Grievance Decision:

"With respect to the Committee's recommendation to dismiss the grievances against Mr. Manjarres with the proviso that he no longer blog about the BREC I point out the following: a) the recommendation is based upon an implicit finding that Mr. Majarres' [sic] Shark Tank blog site was extremely negative personal attacks and contained information relating to information he largely obtained by his position as an Alternate Precinct Committeeman of BREC: and b) The Committee suggested he choose between being an Alternate and blogging on the decisions and personalities of the members of the BREC; c) To do otherwise would create the appearance of his blog having the appearance of the blog being perceived as being some official blog of the BREC; d) The extreme negativity and personal attacks against members of the BREC were primarily personal in nature and non-issue oriented commentary from the blog was found to be divisive of the Republican Party within Broward County.

Upon the Committee's recommendation to him. Mr. Manjarres agreed to no longer post reports or videos related to Broward County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) meetings on blogs or other media at anytime during Mr. Manjarres' service as a Precinct Committeeman or Alternate Precinct Committeeman. Mr. Manjarres would of course be entitled to continue to publish blog reports about general matters pertaining to the Republican Party at the state and national level. The Committee cautioned Mr. Manjarres that any continued negative blogging against personalities within the leadership of BREC, rather than issue-related blogging would be considered a violation of the Committee's intention in recommending dismissal of the grievance and would potentially result in reconsideration of the grievance by the Committee and potential recommendation of sanctions against Mr. Manjarres.

Loyal Insider


I am not defending Javier, I am simply stating that this kind of public feud does nothing to help the cause. I recognize that there are very hard feelings on both sides and both sides may claim to be right, but being right in a local intraparty org fight does not win elections. Both of these guys have helped Republicans win elections in the past and the more they fight with each other the more they limit their effectiveness in the future. As Stone pointed out, purges are not effective and he is right.

It is time for everyone to dial down the rhetoric.


In the minds of some party higher-ups, he was acting more like a reporter and less like a silent-majority party loyalist when it came to DeNapoli.

Jason Steele

Here we go again with in fighting, and destructive behaviour. Javier Manjarresis is well respected across the State ! Does Broward County really think that this kind of stuff is going to help the republican party. Don't swim with the Shark, you will get bit.

BOTH are bad

I did not support DeNapoli for Chair- he has poor leadership skills and is just another butt kisser trying to climb the ranks. So sad so many TEA party folks got sucked in by him- makes them look like hypocrits....but under NO circumstances would I support the Shark either. He has little or no moral grounding, has been known to harass women, clearly plays one GOPer versus the other for money, and has poor writing and communications skills.

Loyal Insider

RPOF should work to contain not inflame. Eliminating or diminishing Richard or Javier will simply exacerbate the existing tension. Politics is at its core about fighting, wise party leaders will redirect tension rather than issue documents or proclamations to be used in an ongoing battle. That the recommendation of the committee was leaked to the press, speaks to a lack discipline within the state party organization.

Party leaders, it is time to begin acting like adults.

Not BREC but other REC member Looking In

Loyal Insider: You are defending Javier. Manjarres has been given plenty of chances. He is the one screaming about all of this.

Jason Steele: I'm unable to understand your point? Manjarres filed the grievance against DeNapoli in February. Manjarres is the one bringing the media and public into this matter. The greivance committee had a hearing. The committee made its ruling in May. Take some time to read it posted above before you defend a blogger tearing down Republicans for money and then accuse the Broward Party of misdeeds.


Just reciting the facts here:

-Manjarres attacks Republicans for money.
-Manjarres hates DeNapoli and can't stand the fact that he won the election for Broward GOP Chair.
-Despite all of DeNapoli's successes raising money, helping to start and promote the Broward GOP Insider (which also won an award for Best Political Blog from the Sun-Sentinel), and bringing people together, Javier still attacks him and others
-Manjarres filed a grievance against DeNapoli
-Manjarres' grievance against DeNapoli was dismissed.
-Another member filed a grievance against Manjarres for Manjarres' misdeeds.
-The RPOF dismissed the grievance against Manjarres provided that he stop writing about the BREC and its personalities and advising him that if he didn't want to he should make the choice - is he media or a party member?
-Manjarres violated the decision.
-Time for Manjarres to get the boot.

Plain and simple ladies and gentlemen. Manjarres was given chance after chance and that's it.

Orange REC

If the RPOF does not remove Manjarres after he violated the grievance committee decision, it will show their decisions are meaningless. They need to enforce their prior decision and expel Manjarres. Otherwise anyone with clear conflicts of interest can join an REC specifically to attack it.

Jason Rhodes

Interesting that I attempted to post the following comment on the Shark Tank, and it was immediately deleted, admittedly it was a comment being critical of Manjarres' 3rd rate reporting ability, but I can't see the Herald or other ACTUAL news sources deleting a comment because it disagreed with the author's viewpoint, or was critical of the author. Don't take my word for it - try it yourself, and see how long your critical comment stays posted. This to me well-proves the lack of journalistic integrity of "el sharko" Manjarres


@ BREC Member/AGM,

YOU WROTE: "You forget that DeNapoli also singled out Manjerres for videoing at the Brec yet Anthony Mann of the Sun Sentinel was not required to produce credentials."

I'm a BREC Member - I've seen Anthony Man and Manjarres at almost every meeting, and neither are videotaping.

YOU WROTE: "DeNapoli dislikes anyone that does not share his opinions and makes it know he will destroy them."

If you are who I think you are, this is what you do on a daily basis. Not DeNapoli.

YOU WROTE: "He lied about living in Palm Beach County and filed to run for a County Commission Seat ( See PBCelections.org) all for his own gain. His Chairmanship is just a stepping stone for him to use others to seek higher office. He is clearly abusing his power as Brec chairman and I have seen the organization go downhill. Yes he raises money - but from Democratic sources?"

-You accuse someone of lying without any proof whatsoever. And exactly what "Democratic sources" does he raise money from? And why would it be bad if he raised money from Dems who would otherwise give that money to other Dems???????? And exactly how has the organization gone downhill if he's raised so much money and had successful events.

Even if DeNapoli succeeds all you do is trash him.


Javier is on top and everyone on here knows it. I am wondering if DeNapoli and his band of losers are the only ones posting?

From what I read on his blog, this guy has some major pull in politics. It sounds like you all are jealous of him.

Fly on the wall

Didn't his mom start blowing her boyfriend in the backseat of her car, while Richard drove with his ex-girlfriend, while visiting the mom in St. Augustine?

Oh well

And finally, the RPOF comes down on bad, divisive leadership:

For Immediate Release
Monday, July 25, 2011
Contact: Brian Hughes, RPOF Comms. Director
Email: bhughes@rpof.org
Phone: 850-222-7920


Today, RPOF Chairman David Bitner named Clyde Simpson, RPOF Constitution and Rules Committee Chair, Steve Nisbet, RPOF Ethics Committee Chair, and Stafford Jones, RPOF Member Relations Committee Chair, to serve on a Resolution Committee in response to recent issues arising at the Broward REC. The Resolution Committee will meet with interested parties at the Broward REC and make recommendations to ensure the Broward REC and Broward Republicans are ready to face the challenges of upcoming elections.

Chairman Bitner will not move forward with the removal of any REC members and remains committed to bringing people together so that Republicans in Broward, and all across Florida, are prepared to deliver Florida for the GOP in 2012 and beyond.

“I’ve asked these three leaders of our party to help me ensure that Broward is ready for the challenges ahead,” said Bitner. “We must come together and make sure that we defeat Obama and keep our Republican elected officials in office. The future of our great state and the nation depend on Republican victories.”


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