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CNN: Obama has Twitter troubles, too; loses followers from debt-spamming

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign really wanted to put the heat on Republicans, so it took to Twitter and asked followers to urge a deal. Considering that Obama's popularity numbers are tanking, it seemed like a good idea to reach out to followers directly.

"Let your members of Congress know, make a phone call, send an e-mail, tweet, keep the pressure on Washington and we can get past this," said @BarackObama.

But as CNN reports, the plan back-fired -- or back-twittered. @BarackObama might have lost more than 33,000 followers. Albeit, the report relies on the data for the twitter handle @whitehousepresscorps, which is tough to find. And it could be just a statistical blip, especially compared to the 9,365,436 current followers of @BarackObama. 

Some Republicans seem to appreciate the combat. Lakeland Rep. Dennis Ross (a must-follow, fyi) tweeted "Dear #Obamatons you are ruining my interactions with thoughtful democrats with this spam. And U R hurting your President." 



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Jacquie Smith

You are so juvenile, Mr President. Our debt problems are not a sop for your ego. Take the deal, forget 2013..... you only want that so you can buy more votes again in the next election. That is what you did with health care.


An adult President would take the deal that is on the table in writing offered by the folks who won the last election in a large sweeping rebuke to his spendthrift policies of the last 2 and half years.

But the petulant Prez is insisting that he can continue with his spend more now, fix the problem later gluttony.


Republicans, you spent most of this money, so pay for it already. Do a clean bill and just raise the ceiling.

J. Wortham

Thats the point, both parties need to stop spending money they don't have.

We can start with a pay cut of 30% for all and SS the only pension just like the rest of us get!!

They call us iresponsable citizens if we borrow money to pay our bills.

We were blamed for the last economic crisis that gave billions to bankers and now we have another one, follow the money and you'll see the problem and the resolution.

Lyndon Johnson and the Dems are responsable for the Social Security mess, that is documented in history look it up!!

Anna Mitchell

Are the republicans who signed Grover Norquist's pledge so wealthy that they have no one they care about who gets medicare or social security? I thought that they swore an oath to serve the American people, not a right wing no tax "foundation".

Anna Mitchell


Republican are holding this country hostage to prove their point with no intention of compromise. If president Obama invokes the 15th amendment, he has my complete support.

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