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Pam Bondi shows no income for 2010, no bank accounts

In financial disclosures filed Friday, Attorney General Pam Bondi reported earning no income in 2010 when she was a candidate for office. She lists her net worth in 2011 at $472,696, with her only assets a home and car. No checking, savings or retirement accounts are reported.

Yet Bondi was still able to lower her liabilities by $15,961 to $348,704.

Bondi spokeswoman Jennifer Meale said the attorney general quit her job in the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office in December 2009 so she could campaign so had no income. Meale said Bondi deposited money received for unused sick and annual leave in a checking account.

But neither Bondi’s most recent disclosure form, or one filed in June 2010 to document her 2009 financial status, report a checking account.

The 2010 disclosure shows income of $133,685 from her job as state attorney. Meale said about $100,000 of that came from paychecks, and the remainder is leave-time payout. But again. No checking account listed.

Bondi has more liabilities than the other two Cabinet members.

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater lists his at only $65,073. His net worth is $1.6 million. Nearly $1 million of that is in a retirement account.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam lists $122,895 worth of liabilities. His net worth is $6.8 million. His biggest asset is $2.4 million ownership interest in Putnam Groves, Inc.


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Can't Take It Anymore

Poor Little Pam must have gotten by with the generosity of her "friends" who persuaded her to run for the AG job. Certainly some of their money found its way into her purse. She can also follow the RPOF tradition of living off a Party Amex card. That subsidy worked very well for Marco Rubio, Ray Sansom and numerous other party luminaries currently under indictment or investigation by law enforcement. In her new job, Pam can simply order the end of any investigation of her.


Pam Bondi works for the banks.

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