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PolitiFact: Allen West lives in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's district. Can he do that?

The feud between South Florida Reps. Allen West and Debbie Wasserman Schultz fascinated the media this week but didn't provide fact-checkers with much material. But on Wednesday, Wasserman Schultz provided an interview -- and a sound bite -- to CNN's Wolf Blitzer on that had us scratching our heads.

Wasserman Schultz said she is West's elected representative to the House.

"He's a constituent of mine, and so I was dutifully doing my job and representing my constituents and taking to task someone who I think is really taking the wrong position when it comes to the people we represent in South Florida who badly need that safety net and make sure that we're not going to dramatically increase their costs, which that cut, cap and balance plan does," she said.

Blitzer stopped for a moment. "So you're saying he lives in your district, he doesn't live in his own district?"

"Yes," Wasserman Schultz continued, "Congressman West is a constituent of the 20th Congressional District, but represents the 22nd."

To win a seat on the city council, you have to live in that city when you take office. To win a seat in the state House, or the state Senate, you also have to live in the district you represent. The obvious question is why would it work differently for Congress?

Read PolitiFact Florida's story here.


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native Floridian

I hope the DNC goes after West for not living in the district that he represents, just like the Repuglicans went after Robert Wexler.

Correction Girl

Wexler did not live in the state. This is a requirement. West lives in the state of Florida. His wife works there and his children go to school there. Wexler claimed his parent's tool shed as his home of record.

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