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PolitiFact: In defense of angry e-mail, West says Dems put Social Security number in mailer

In a Fox News interview Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Allen West defended his angry email to Democratic Campaign Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz by saying she's "not a victim" and has "been attacking Allen West for quite some time."

"This is something once again the Democrat Party (sic), when they put my Social Security number and my wife's Employment Identification Number in a mail piece, this has just been an ongoing thing. I've been called Uncle Tom, a sellout Oreo," he said. "It's not about Allen West. So once again, it's very interesting to me that we continually allow liberals to do whatever they want in attacking conservatives but all of a sudden, when a conservative stands up and says, 'Enough,' then people want to sit back especially liberals, want to play victim. She's not a victim. She's been attacking Allen West for quite some time."

Did the Dems really include West's Social Security number in a mailer? Read how his claim fared on the Truth-O-Meter.


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Boo Hoo, poor little man had his position questioned on the floor of the House.
Maybe if you were not so busy running off to do every other right wing talk show you might have been present to hear it.
His equivocation between a mistake made by some dumb graphics person and his pointed attack are inequitable.


Wasserman Schultz is wearing two hats. One is the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and by using the floor of Congress to spew the partisan, attack language (especially in re-election times), her actions are unethical and against the rules of Congress.

I wish someone else would step up and run for her congressional position and leave her to do the job she is best fit for - junkyard dog!


Aleen West is a dignified man who's credentials are impeccable. Wasserman Schultz is a DNC hack, who's been nipping at West ever since his campaign. His characterization of her was 100% accurate and long over due.


P.S. - Jerry, above, you need to get some fresh air.


Alan West is not honorable, look at his military record.


This is so typical of plantation owner democrats like Wasserman-Shultz. Any black person that questions them, challenges them, or rejects them gets this kind of treatment. They start parading out this narrative of the aggressive black man and the poor defensive white woman. Democrats have a history of intellectual oppression. They say they stand for diversity and civil right, but that's only if we stay on the plantation. You try to get off the plantation, and they turn out the dogs on you.


Think about this: How would you react to a political opponent 'inadvertently' printing your social security number and your wife's Employment Identification Number in a political hit piece? For starters, vile, unprofessional and despicable come to mind.
It's so refreshing to hear Congressman Allen West speak his mind unlike other pols focus-group calibrated noise.
Allen West is the real deal.

Kalinda Black

Congressman West forgot to add that DWS is also shallow, sophomoric and a liar.

She is the same politician that led a street protest in front of West's office during the last election cycle.

The President thinks she's 'cute' for a reason-- she carries out his Progressive meme using Alinsky tactics and Soros-funded dollars.


Allen West has a long history of inappropriate behavior, it's why he left the military.

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