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Hasner is an E-Verify fan -- but was his co-sponsored bill the first to pass?

Republican U.S. Senate candidates Adam Hasner and Mike Haridopolos have had their share of back and forth spats about who did more (or less) to promote E-Verify in Florida -- the federal electronic verification system to check if employees are illegal immigrants.

But in a recent debate, Hasner declared he "sponsored and was the co-sponsor of the only legislation that ever passed that had E-Verify provisions in it back in 2010 when I served in the Legislature." 

Was he really the first? Read PolitiFact to find out.


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George Fuller

In Dec. 2009 when the special session was called for the Sunrail project Hasner put in Strike all amendments that would have required contractors use E-Verify........

In 201o he got the number of committees for Sandy Adams public e-verify bill to go through reduced to two. It passed both committees and was approved by the House 112-0. Hasner was a co-sponsor of what Gov. Scott issued an Executive Order for when he took office......

But......Puublic E-Verify only refers to state agencies and not private businesses where the problem lies.

Haridopolos should be ashamed to talk about e-verify.....First he chose Sen. Flores to handle it and she openly opposes any state immigration legislation........Google NALEO Education Fund.....Flores is a Board Member....read their views on immigration.

When she burnt out he turned it over to JD Alexander..probably the largest employer of illegal aliens in the state. He is CEO of ALICO that owns 140000 acres of land in 5 counties and grow sugar cane, citrus and cattle. JD is part of the good ole boy crowd that use to own'em, now they just rent'em.

GO to page 11 of the ALICO,INC 2010 Annual Report and read what the corporation says about immigration enforcement or new laws.....Remember.......JD is CEO

eBridge advertising

I think I share a lot of Floridians' frustration that it didn't pass and a lot of the politics that were taking place behind the scenes. ... What's most important is to look back. ... some do, and some talk.

George Fuller

Perhaps I wasn't clear what Hasner did in the special session......He killed the amendments requiring E-Verify be used......

David W. Caulkett

Adam Hasner did indeed get E-Verify passed in the Florida House. Adam Hasner worked FOR E-Verify while Mike Haridopolos did everything he could to KILL E-Verify. Senate President Haridopolos made sure that E-Verify would die by routing his worthless E-Verify bill to stanch anti-E-Verify committee chairs. I worked on this issue for years and spent a lot of time in Tallahassee and I assure everyone that Haridopolos talks big for E-Verify but he NEVER had any intention of getting E-Verify passed.
Dave Caulkett, VP, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, www.flimen.org


HASNER Majority leader that gave us REAL ID
HASNER Investigated for ethics violations
HASNER Killed E-Verify before he was for it
HASNER Earmarked $20 million to indicted developer
HASNER Mocked Dems for not supporting rail projects
HASNER co-Sponsored Cap-N-Trade
HASNER Created plan to use $200K in Stimulus for Hybrid Charging Stations
HASNER Advanced Agenda 21 Green Energy Legislation
HASNER Loves High Speed Rail. He voted for it.
HASNER Is weak on State's Rights (See REAL ID)
HASNER Supported Sustainable Development (2008 Campaign Finance Records)
HASNER Taxed for tracks. Voted for Sunrail
HASNER Enjoyed status as self proclaimed MODERATE (Google It)
HASNER Raised fees on everything in Florida (Just go to the DMV)

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