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Reps. Baxley and Plakon endorse Adam Hasner for U.S. Senate

Republican state Reps. Dennis Baxley and Scott Plakon on Wednesday announced their endorsements of Adam Hasner for U.S. Senate.

"Dennis and Scott are proven conservatives who have fought for limited government, greater personal freedoms, and strong Florida families," Hasner said in a prepared statement. "I'm honored that they are lending their energy, their voices, and their time to our growing grassroots campaign." 

"Adam Hasner is a proven defender of faith, family and freedom in Florida," Baxley said. "Having served with Adam, I've witnessed his toughness firsthand. He's exactly the kind of common sense conservative we need to send to Washington to stand shoulder to shoulder with Marco Rubio." 

Plakon called Hasner the "only Republican who can be trusted to go to Washington, and stand up to the status quo in both parties on issues like spending and the debt." 



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Hasner gave us Cap and Trade
Hasner gave us Sunrail
Hasner gave us REAL ID
Hasner raised every fee in our State
Hasner passed Agenda 21 environmental programs
Hasner promoted usage of stimulus
Hasner tried to earmark $20mil to indicted developer
The list goes on....

Did the two who just endorsed him do the same? Just curious.

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