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Rick Scott, Miami high school savior?

Two Miami schools facing a shutdown because of low test scores, Miami Edison Senior High and Miami Central, will likely remain open this year, Gov. Rick Scott indicated Friday after a meeting with the head of Miami-Dade's school system.

In a closed-door meeting with Scott and the state's new education commissioner, Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho made his pitch. And he said it worked.

"The conversation fell on very sympathetic and supportive ears," Carvalho said. "Not only do I have hope, I can almost predict the outcome. I think the work that’s taking place in these schools has been remarkable. These schools have made dramatic progress....
I can guarantee you that these schools will not shut down. These schools will be open when every other school opens in Miami Dade for the next school year. There’s no mistaking there. We’re very, very convinced that cooler heads will prevail. There will be an announcement that these schools are in good shape"

Scott was more circumspect, but didn't deny that the schools will remain open.

"There will be an announcement in the next couple of hours. I had a great meeting with these superintendents. We care about kids and we want to make sure the right things are done for kids. And the superintendent here cares about the students in those schools. He’s very committed to making sure we have the best education possible," Scott said. "Every child can learn. Every child has the opportunity for a great education...These schools are community assets. My daughter’s a teacher and she falls in love with these kids. And the parents love these teachers. We want all the measurement. And it’s hard. We all want to do the right thing and I’m sure the right thing has happened."


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Nicole- Designing Signs

Rick Scott and Alberto Carvalho superintendente, they are very committed to making sure we have the best education possible four our childdren, thanks.




This is great news. But I must disagree with these gentleman when it comes to the statement "we care about these kids...". This is just rhetoric when if fact laws are being violated when particular high schools used smart board technology in classrooms and a geometry teacher at Miami Norland Sr. was using an overhead projector in 2010 and no mandatory computers in 2011. The state educational officials visited the school on numerous occasions and saw this travesty going on. But they would report the school as not performing on level and issue a failing grade. Some concern for all children!!!


This site is not the raw truth about politics because you would not have taken off my post about the Miami Norland math teacher having to use an overhead projector to teach when some particular high schools had smart board technology in each classroom. The law now says that students must use computers for Geometry. It doesn't matter how you cover up because I have the video and can place it on youtube and expose this cover up miami herald. Let's be equal with the law okay!


I graduated Class of 1974.
wished it had been North Miami High,but thanks to desegregation a bunch of us whites were shipped to Central.
always threats of 'riots' ........closures.
The place looks even more war like now,the prison it is.

joe blow

Florida's Repiggies always blow smoke out their *sses.
They talk a tough game but when it comes time to do something they wimp out and back down due to political pressure afraid of upsetting the coloreds.
Central and Edison have been failing schools for ten years. They will keep getting D/F's and the state will do nothing.
Most of these kids will never set foot in a college anyway. Just a bunch of smoke and mirrors from the corrupt Repiggies!


OMG! The horror! An overhead projector? Someone should be shot!

Lynnda Butler

Strange how there is improvement but the statement of "shutting down" or "charters" comes into play. PARENTS....wake up....fight for your schools and work WITH everybody to make these schools succeed. It isn't only about teachers and kids...there is more to the equation. Also, look up statistics on charters and see how many have failed, what it cost to start them up, what is involved and WHO WILL BENEFIT BY THEIR EXISTENCE. State govt. stands to make a lot of money at your expense. "Academic Effictiveness varies widely and accountability proves to be elusive." Between l991 and 2004 more than 400 went OUT OF BUSINESS. Are you able to risk your kid's future???? Get involved.


Seems to me that most committing on the subject don't know a thing about Edison, Central nor the Inner city schools. Taking a test dosen't determine intelligence or smartness. Especially when the text books are not aligned with the test.

They go to school for years and are never educated with the proper resoources that are on the test like others. They take separate classes in order to teach the test, mostly on another campus or worshop. the Western education system is nothing but read, remember, and recall. A bunch of quoting makes you a expert.

These schools have always been under funded when iit came down to the resources and tools to help you learn. ten year old text books in classes is ridiculous. Other communities not of color have the best of everything. A riot one says, shucks I never saw columbine shooting nor rage shooting in these schools. It you want to know the truth if you everyone on the same level playing field, I can gurantee who will prevail.

One kid from one of these schools was homeless and living under the bridge with his family and still graduated with honors. Book smart or test smart I should say but no real life skills gets you no where but arrogant or low self esteem.

Republican are not wimpy, They've been trying to destroy black schools for a long time. they've just been called out on it this time with a fight.

1974 the poster brings up. Please spare me riot. Black people or colored people (which ever one) have been going threw hell since time. White folk better open their stupid eyes and realize that their a new race in charge and it is called the Green and Gold race. If you don't fight for black people's rights you definately will lose your because 95% of people are not apart of the Green & Gold race. Stupids wake up. You fighten the wrong people. Cash Rules everything around me CREAM! Its the money Dollar, Dollar bill Yall.

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