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Rick Scott thinks Texas Gov. Rick Perry will run for president

There’s a good chance Texas Gov. Rick Perry will run for president – at least that’s what Florida Gov. Rick Scott believes. With an easy manner and movie-star looks, Perry has the bragging rights to running a big state (albeit it’s a relatively weak governor system in Texas) that has created jobs while other states have lost them.

And that’s what Scott envies the most about the Lone Star governor and his state.

“I want to win. I want to make sure whatever they’ve done well we do a little better,” Scott said.

Would he endorse Perry if he runs?

“At this point, I’m not at this point going to endorse any candidate believe in the primary system. I talked to Gov. Perry a couple weeks ago, and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t run. I think one thing nice about governors is they’ve gone through prioritizing. Because it’s one thing you have to do. It’s not like there’s no money every year. So we have to really pick how you spend your money and get the biggest return. So I like that. That’s a good value that governors bring to the table,” Scott said.

Has he led you to believe he’ll run? Scott hemmed and hawed a bit and then said: “Every time I’ve talked to him he leads me to believe he’s going to run.”

But he added a note of caution: “I would’ve said the same thing about Haley Barbour. I saw Haley maybe a week, maybe two weeks before he announced he wasn’t going to run. So I was surprised when he decided he was not going to run.”


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Oh, he'll run. And he'll win.

Can't Take It Anymore

If Rick Perry receives the support of Rick Scott, Glenn Beck, Rush Lardbottom, Faux News and the Koch Brother's subidiaries in the Teabagger Nation he can hardly lose in 2102. After all, it has become a fundamental belief of the Republican right wing that they can create their own reality and it is up to the rest of us to adapt to it. They did it for 8 years under the W regime so why not do it again?


who cares what crippy rick thinks?

Larry & Jane Langston

Perry can win, he is Obama's worst nightmare. We need him before it is too late!


Dear Mr. Snott,

Who gives a rip what the crap you think about anything? Go away. Leave. And take your silly billboard signs with you when you go.


If Rick Perry has the support of comment #2, we may all be in deep shi$ trouble.


Tom he needs to leave the billboard,he hasn't paid for it,why let him still anything else for the good people of Florida.


Sorry that is Steal not still.

Texas Insurance

He's got my votes!

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