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Rick Scott's surgeon general declares pill-mill health emergency

Gov. Rick Scott's surgeon general, Frank Farmer, has declared a public-health emergency regarding pill mills. developing. The headline-grabbing decision comes just before Scott is scheduled to host a ceremonial bill signing of a pack of healthcare bills.

But the subject of this declaration, HB7095, isn't one of them. The new law seeks to crack down on physicians who prescribe inordinate amounts of pills such as oxycodone and Xanax. Some physicians are banned from dispensing them and so, under the order, "practitioners who are no longer authorized to dispense controlled substances in listed in Schedule II and Schedule III of Section 893.03, Florida Statutes, to dispose of any inventory and cooperate fully with the Florida Department of Health (DOH), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and local law enforcement personnel," according to a press release.

The bill called for the surgeon general to declare a health emergency on the effective date of the bill, today. Order is here Download 07.01.2011-EmergencyDeclaration

Press release is here: Download RXpressRelease


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The Administration took way too long to figure out this was a VERY serious problem. All they had to do was ask the former head of the Office of Drug Control, or the former Lt. Governor, or the Sheriff of Broward County....

Gross Negligence

Finally! Yes, this should have been done a long time ago! The BOM peer review process has failed the citizens of Florida. The BOM and DOH has known this, and only issued "warning letters".



In order to respond to this emergency, the Department of Health is working closely with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and local law enforcement agencies, and committing all its agency resources to the effort.


Florida's Board of Medicine is more of a club for physicians. They seldom take serious action against one of their own. That is why we have rampant overprescribing. The "good old boy" environment of the practice of medicine in Florida is a carryover from the last century. Our policy makers need to wise up and force medical practice in Florida to come into the 21st century. A good first step would be to allow Nurse Practitioners to practice to the capacity to which they are trained as almost all other states do, including full prescribing privileges.

Dan Coble

More big brother,well this is all fine and dandy,and i"m glad to see that things are being done to control drugs,,but while Pam and Mr Scott touts there new bill,your putting us honest people at risk! while now we have to go to 2 doctors,one to get our reg. medication high blood pressure meds,and pain management to get my pain medication,while this is costing 2 doctors bills,medicare is picking up the bill.your not telling people that this is going to cost millions to tax payers,we have to pay for urine test every time we walk in the door,my 20% cost me with 2 doctors,$100.00 a month.I get $575.00 a month,do the math,and the good ole tax payer is paying the rest,while the urine test is $130.00,pain doctor $160.00,family doctor $100.00..why is this not being told,i thought you was looking out for the consumer,looks like were being left in the cold agin!!
Try living on $575.00 a month,very hard,there should be a bill looking out for us,i think this is something you need to look into and let the tax payer know what it is costing them,i"m sure they won"t be happy by keeping this quite,just my 2 cents,,while i hope you will see what i"m saying,as seniors are all saying in doctors offices,they will not vote for you ,that you have let us down,and i also think the same way,your just going to make us seniors buy drugs on the street rather than pharmacy"s what a shame!!
And to really think this is going to stop something,you can buy more drugs now on the street than before!!
Just more big bubba sticking his nose in,i think we have enough already,if people want it,there going to get it,sounds like another tea party fixing to happen!!

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