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Scott doubles down on debt ceiling freeze, says feds should outsource programs

Gov. Rick Scott went on CNN this morning to explain his position that the federal debt ceiling should not be raised. Scott's position has contributed to the partisanship of the debate and seems to be in the minority even among the increasingly conservative U.S. House.

"Your opinion and your advice here runs counter to what just about everyone from both parties are saying and it goes against what everyone in the financial markets is telling me and 15 years of my own capital markets reporting experience," CNN host Christine Romans, right, said winding up to her first question for Scott. "So tell me exactly why (not) raising the debt ceiling wouldn't have an effect on markets, the economy or states?"

Scott said the federal government should act like a family with one parent out of work or a business that has lost income. "They have to stop borrowing money," he said. "Our government is no different."

But the American Morning hosts weren't buying it. They said the debate is how to pay current debt, not whether to spend more money.

"Why is this difficult for you to understand, governor?" host Ali Velshi said.

Romans asked Scott what he would prioritize if the debt ceiling was frozen. Such a move, she said, would leave enough money for Social Security, active duty military and debt interest payments and little else. That would mean huge cuts or the elimination of food stamps, disaster relief and federal education grants.

Scott said he'd outsource those things.

"You go through the most important things and then you have to cut back," Scott said.

"You have to figure out what do companies do," he said. "What they have to do, they have to say, 'You know what? I could outsource that and I could do it less expensively. You know, we don't need to do that to get the revenues we need. We can figure out a way to do that less expensively.'"


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David Kearns

With respect: Gibberish is not a relevant, pertinent nor valid argument. When you ask me "why did you find it necessary to run over my dog?" and I say "you never take care of your lawn!" I am not making a valid argument, nor answering your question. The governor's "position" to ignore direct pertinent questions "why do you think it would be good to ignore our debt and not pay our bills?", while putting up a pseudo response, in the form of answering questions that weren't even asked, such as "what do you do about the national debt?" is not a valid position. The media keeps juxtaposing fornicated lunacy, idiocy, lies, talking points rambling (stale since the primaries), against logical points. Algebraically this seems to validate what our deranged governor is saying; giving it credence as a "position". It's not. You'd be better served to actually go into a lunatic asylum and ask someone who is in the midst of a conversation with an apparition for their view on our debt crisis, then jot down what they say, and throw it into an article. What I am driving at is, not calling out the stupid, the criminally intended, or the treasonous for their mental poison and nonsense, really isn't good journalism. All of you need to stop it. Please, for the sake of democracy. Call BS when you see it, hear it, read it.


So basically our governor has no idea what the debt ceiling is and then his non response to the question of cutting support programs
is the pro American worker response of outsourcing jobs and privatizing. Okay all you Floridians who elected this criminal, can you now admit you were wrong?

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