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Scott to Washington: Don't raise the debt ceiling

Republican Gov. Rick Scott said today that if Congress fails to raise the federal debt ceiling before Aug. 2, it would have almost no effect on state government or the financial markets.

"The impact would be minimal," Scott said.

But Republicans and Democrats alike said failure to increase the debt ceiling puts the country at risk of default, a financial spark that U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has said could have "catastrophic economic consequences."

Scott's not convinced.

"I don't think anybody knows, because it's never happened," he said. "I believe the markets understand where the federal government is. They understand where the spending is, so I think the market has already priced it in."

So what would Scott do to break the impasse in Washington?

"I would not increase the debt ceiling," he said. "I would take this opportunity to really restructure government and really look at how we're spending our money."


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What an idiot!
It never happened before, so, lets try it and see the poop hit the fan?
Republicans want Obama's presidency to fail, no matter what the cost -
this is not about party A or B - is about the credibility of a nation and the well being of its people. Shame on YOU, Rick Scott!


Hey like Rick Scott is someone I will trust with the world economy on the brink of imploding like a black star.


rick scott would do to the USA what he has done to florida in less than 6 months--COMPLETELY RUIN IT AND GIVE IT ALL TO HIMSELF AND HIS RICH BUDDS....DON'T TRUST THE inhumane man who cares not of our children, our elderly, or veterans, our middle class, our poor, his own family (evidently he wants them to pay him back when he has millions of $s, I read). What about our schools? $55million to charter schools FROM THE PECO $--PECO STANDS FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION NOT CHARTER EDUCATION!


So I guess all you Libratards are going to drink the Obama Kool Aide. If we do not cut our spending and get out of this mess no one is going to care as we will see our rating reduced anyway. So just continue to do what we have for decades or chart a new path? Man I say go the road less traveled.


The debt ceiling has NOTHING to do with spending.
Why is the entire nation - regardless of party - not enraged that our "representatives" in Washington are not doing their jobs?

Gruff Olegoat

Quite simply, if Congress fails to solve the debt ceiling issue, Obama will invoke the 14th Amendment and the GOP will loose that bargining chip.... they under estimated Obama and he has played them all the way to a second term.

Tony Mercer

I believe Gruff is right,the 14 amendment is Obama's ACE up his sleeve, he will wait till the last second then say someone has break this impass and he'll be the people's hero.


Yea. Rick Scott would have the middle class get the nation out of debt. Tell you what Rick. Shut up and crawl back under your rock. Nobody cares what you have to say.

Capt. Robert Murray

Wake up, Corp. America is turning profits like never before, why, they pay no taxes and nothing trickles down except to who they want!!!!!


So Rick Scott says he doesn't know what will happen, but he doesn't think it will be bad, but it has never happened before, so we should just go ahead and see what happens. This guy is in charge of our state...what a mess!


Ok I thought Rick Scott was certifiable before but this really just proves it. EVERY economist in the country says this must be done or the world economy will meltdown. It was raised multiple times under Clinton and Bush. But sure, Rick Scott knows more than everyone else.


Rick Scott needs to shut up , I worked very hard to get my entilements Social security and veterans benefits--whats left of what was promised-- I served 30years of sacrafice to family and self and now i get a slap in the face I have no back up plan to replace those benefits. I will do everything in my power to get Obama reelected and keep tea baggers at bay with their jacked up ideas--I still remember Regan and his trickle down policy--but this is worse its drip drip drip from the rich.


where was bonner when GWB was spending like a mad man in Irag and afganistan---What GWB did was outrageous and Tea baggers and GOP never said a thing. Now everything Obama does is bad according to the Republican and Rush Wish there was a negative vote I could do for the upcoming elections I would every negative vote for the republicans and the gang of six and the liars Rush and hannidy


Among these dozen or so comments, it's heartening to see almost universal consensus (except for "Jim") that Rick Scott is clueless at best, and possibly malevolent. Too bad we don't have a "recall" option here like in Wisconsin!


why in the world are the repubs hell bent on ruining this country because they want obama to be a one-term president? that is irresponsible, all republicans should be up for recalls!

Donna Kuczynski

Thanks Gov Scott... if default is such a good thing perhaps all of the underwater mortgage holders here in the state of Florida should just go ahead and default on our loans. We bought in 2006 in Lake County. We are never going to get what we paid for the house in our lifetime. We are 65. Thanks Gov Scott. Let's all default!!!!!


said from a man who was involved in the biggest medicare fraud in the country! ofcourse he doesnt care he has already raped the system....he is a complete idiot! thats good cus hopefully all the seniors in Florida will vote his ass out

A Coke Drinker

What kind of idiot doesn't know which party really ran the nation debt up to where it is? It amazes me that Republicans are running commercials with actors posing as ordinary citizens and paying them to say, "stop the spending", when really it was the Republican administration who were the biggest spenders in the last twenty years. Who are these dummies who came up with this Kool-Aid crap? I guess it the same ones who came up with the tea party name, they like labeling people with beverage names. There should be a Pepto-Bismol party, to stop the kind of diarrhea the Republicans are spreading.


Does he not realize that we are not just fooling with a US economy, but rather a global one? He is a fool of the first order.

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