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The Bachmann files: Police reports show another side of tough-talking candidate

It's not everyday that a reporter calls a local sheriff's office and asks for a Republican presidential candidate's police report and the records person responds: "which one."

Well, all of them (They are here Download Bachmann).... And so begins our story:

With a penchant for tough talk and polarizing positions, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann is a magnet for controversy — and there’s a trail of police reports to prove it.

She and her staff over the years have requested police protection or investigations when her house was egged; when protesters threw glitter on her or held up critical signs; when her campaign yard signs were stolen; when a man wrote an email perceived as a threat; and when she screamed that two women were holding her hostage “against my will” in a city hall restroom.

The series of police reports from the Stillwater Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota show a side of a candidate rarely seen on the campaign trail, where Bachmann has described herself as having a "titanium spine."

Bachmann’s campaign and congressional offices wouldn’t comment, but her fellow Minnesota Republicans say they’re not surprised by the reports.

“Michele Bachmann is someone who tells it like it is with the courage of her convictions,” said Tony Sutton, state chairman of Republican Party of Minnesota. “There will be people on the other side who will react in an inappropriate that way. There are a lot of liberals who can’t cope with the fact that she’s an outspoken conservative who sticks by her guns.”

But those who have been a target of her calling the cops say Bachmann doesn’t walk the talk.

“She seems paranoid,” said Brad Trandem, a Lakeland, Minn. resident who excoriated Bachmann in an email this year, only to face investigators. “She does all this criticism of other people’s lives and talks about how people should be ‘armed and dangerous.’ But then someone says something critical about her and she calls the police.”

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JP Knight

"...someone says something critical about her and she calls the police.” That's not what happened. She is not a crybaby. The police reports document false imprisonment and assault, among other things. These are serious matters, particularly considering she's a Congresswoman and barely over 5 feet tall. If a liberal Democrat were treated identically rest assured that the lefty media, including the Herald, would go absolutely crazy.


Remember all the boo-hooing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did when Robert Lowry fired a gun at a range at a target with her initials on it? Oh my God you would have thought the world was coming to an end!

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