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The insider in Gov. Scott's team of outsiders

In the Capitol, everyone needs an insider.

Even the ultimate outsider, Gov. Rick Scott.

As a candidate, Scott bashed Tallahassee's special interests and derided the business-as-usual style of state politicians.

As governor, he needed to make nice with the Capitol crowd that largely runs the town.

He needed Hayden Dempsey — a 43-year-old lobbyist, Jeb Bush hand and an early Scott supporter — to bring the outsider and the insiders together.

Keep reading the Times/Herald profile of Dempsey here.


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Can't Take It Anymore

The Teabagger "revolt" will last at least another election cycle. They will continue to blindly follow Scott and intimidate any Republican politician he may wish to unleash them upon. He is quickly becoming part of the Tallahassee Republican establishment and hiring Dempsey will ease that transition. JEB!'s hand is still heavily in control of the Republican bandwagon and Scott will find out just who is actually in charge next session. Hint: it won't be Scott.

Liz Smith

Hayden has played fast and loose since entering Tallahassee politics. Is he a Bush man? Absolutely!!! Was his General Counsel at a very young age, friendly with George Jr and the whole family...

And FYI, his wife was one of those Bush appointees/favored candidates for the judiciary - and it certainly wasn't because of her qualifications! She's already been called on the carpet because of her "resume puffery". Which for normal citizens would be termed "falsifying your credentials"!

JP Knight

Hayden Dempsey is a fine man, one of unquestionable integrity, respected by all.

eBridge advertising

The one lesson that every governor learns is you've got to communicate. You've got to communicate with legislators, with stakeholders, and seek input.


Part of the difficulty is when a new administration comes in and puts 2 political novices from out of state in charge, you are bound to have a colossal mess, which they have. The frustration of legislators isn't entirely new. Governors often treat legislators like they have the stomach virus, but if you are going to get your agenda passed (which he clearly did not), you must establish great relationships with respected members and learn how to get votes. Lots of legislators blamed Hayden for poor communication on most issues. But Hayden couldn't grab a tissue without being given authority. Good thing for the Governor is that things cant get much worse. Only a scandal could drive his numbers lower.

McNamara has an enormous challenge on his hands righting this ship. Good luck, buddy.

As for Dempsey, there's always the soft landing of the law firm. He will be fine.

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