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Think you have a tough job? Try being Rick Scott's attorney

Charles Trippe had been on the job as Gov. Rick Scott's top attorney less than a day when two state senators walked into his office and handed him a lawsuit filed in the Florida Supreme Court. The pair wanted justices to force the governor to proceed with a high-speed rail project approved by state lawmakers using $2.4 billion in federal money.

Trippe, a 58-year-old former corporate lawyer with no political experience, had one day to prepare a court brief and two days to ready himself for oral arguments. It was Trippe's first time before the state's highest court. Operating on just a few hours of sleep, he scored a victory that day in early March when the justices dismissed the case.

It was a job start no one would envy. But he has no ordinary job.

As a defendant in at least seven lawsuits since he took office in January, Scott could be the most sued governor in Florida history. And Trippe now finds himself deep in cases relating to election law, drug testing of state employees, redistricting and prison privatization.

Some speculate the avalanche of lawsuits involving Scott has more to do with dislike of the governor than his actions related to the legislation or policies in question.

But having once represented a tobacco company, Trippe is used to controversial clients.

"They're not always popular, but even unpopular clients need a lawyer," he said of the tobacco company. "The rules should apply to everybody whether they're popular or not."


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Everyone hates crime boss Rick Scott. The first known acts of crime were while he ruthlessly ran Columbia/HCA.

He had to plead the fifth to avoid a 25 year prison term. He was in the Medicare fraud business. Breaking hospitals, firing employees, finally fired for his felony crimes although he was unfairly un-prosecuted. His company paid the price for his $1.7 billion dollars worth of fraud. Other issues included:

$356 million to resolve whistleblower lawsuits alleging that HCA engaged in a series of schemes to defraud Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE, the military’s health care program.

$225.5 million to resolve lawsuits alleging that HCA hospitals and home health agencies unlawfully billed Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE.

$17 million to resolve allegations that certain company-owned hospitals billed Medicare for unallowable costs incurred by a contractor.

Then there is his mis management at his next company Solantic. Felonies again. People died because he stress overwork, under paid workers to perform a thankless at their expense. They were fired if they didn't break moral conduct.


Donna, were you his mistress?


Donna, were you his mistress?

Posted by: Thomas | July 25, 2011 at 06:18 PM

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Do you think only a woman scorned would be disgusted by Scott's antics? Think again! By recent count, only 29% of Floridian approve of his shenanigans. Were you his mistress, Thomas?


Oh, SNAP, Donna! You go, girl!

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