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Why Haridopolos Earned a "False" from Politifact

   The Politifact Truth-O-Meter has landed on FALSE for a Twitter statement made by Mike Haridopolos.

The Florida Senate President and candidate for U.S. Senate tweeted about the federal healthcare law.

Janet Zink, a senior reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, looked into the Twitter claim made by Haridopolos.

Haridopolos Earns A False



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Surprise, surprise. Most of us by now should know that sinister Teapublicans are a bunch of bald faced liars. Must be a slow news day. How about focusing on something important like the recent NATURE report that the cascading feedback loops of global warming are speeding up and weakening the "natural" ability of the planet to absorb greenhouse gases. But, remind your readership of all their dirty deeds prior to the next election. Hmmm, that would take a book though... Somebody write that book please.

Mychael Margott

Haridopolos neglected to answer if he would back the Ryan plan if he were a senator, but he commended Ryan for "having an honest discussion with the American public."

Josey Jordan

Haridopolus is a member of ALEC that WROTE the bill - and the Kochs and ALEC work in tandem to elect Teapublican legislators, governors, congressional reps to sell their $ouls to corporate interests - NOT the people's.


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