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Will Weatherford on redistricting, 2012 and more

UPDATE: Weatherford endorsed former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

State Rep. Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, sat down for a wide-ranging, one-hour conversation with the St. Petersburg Times editorial board this morning. The future House speaker has a busy summer going as he chairs the House redistricting committee and attends public hearings across the state. He covered a number of hot topics. Here are the highlights:

The redisctricting process: "It's putting a very complicated pie together that involves a lot of testimony, it involves a lot of law, federal law, state law, constitutional state provisions, case law, I mean, it’s a lot. And I had no idea what this was going to entail when I asked to be chairman of this committee."

Where will FL's new congressional seats be? "The two new seats … that’s probably further down the road in fall. I can tell you the greatest population increases have been I-4-based, really pretty much from Tampa to Orlando, the southwest Florida corridor, down there in Collier, Lee county … and then in northeast Florida, kind of between Jacksonville and Orlando, along that Palm Coast, I-95 corridor. Those are the three that have had the most. So we have two congressional seats, obviously, not three. I don’t know for sure, but my guess would be those are the areas with the most population, they could potentially be where a seat goes."

Getting lobbied by current members of Congress? "Yeah, I’ve had them call, 'Hey, how’s it going Mr. Chairman, what’s happening?’ All the sudden I’m a pretty popular guy to people who didn’t know who I was. I give them the same speech I give our members, which is, ‘Do me a favor, have your people come to hearings, we’d love to hear from you if you want to give us your opinion. But don’t talk to me about where you live, don’t talk to me about what your political agenda is. Talk about the communities of interest in your district, talk about how it can be more compact, talk about how it can follow geographic boundaries better. If your comments are tailored toward the district and not you, it’s okay. But anything you say to me can and will be used.' "

Gov. Rick Scott's low approval rating a concern for 2012? "I’m not concerned about it. I think it’s early. Just like when Gov. (Charlie) Crist in … 2008 his numbers were through the roof, I mean, absolutely through the roof and he got walloped in the polls. To me, if my election hinges upon the popularity of the governor, then I’m probably not a very good legislator for my district."

Endorsing for Republican presidential primary? "I'm flirting. I’d be jumping the gun if I told you. I have narrowed it down and there’s a couple that I really like and one in particular that I’m leaning toward. I’m not going to share it today because I’ll probably be coming out with something pretty soon. We’ll see." (Could it be Jon Huntsman? The former Utah governor is making several Tampa Bay area stops this weekend, perfect for an endorsement.)

What about FL's primary? “I think the goal is to be as close as we possibly can, hopefully like the fifth slot, without penalty. So we’re negotiating with the RNC as to how we get that done. There may be a penalty anyway, no matter what we do. ... but playing devil’s advocate, as Florida, if we were to go into it and say, okay, we’ll take the penalty, we’re going to go the Thursday before Super Tuesday  … Let’s say they take away half of our delegates, they’re worth more than Iowa’s, New Hampshire’s and almost South Carolina’s combined.”

FL Senate race: Won't endorse before the Republican primary. Says all of the candidates are friends.

Asked if PSC was wronged: “Gov. (Charlie) Crist politicized the PSC. The PSC is supposed to be a quasi-judicial branch that is supposed to look at facts and figures and make a determination based on what is in front of them and what they know, not based on political pressure. Gov. Crist, who I still consider a friend of mine, he’s a nice guy, but he went out there and campaigned on lowering people’s rates, he was very consumer-friendly, he wanted to make sure that the PSC was always fighting back and not approving anything that he thought could potentially increase rates for consumers. Well that goes against what the whole PSC was supposed to be. The reason we created the PSC was to take politics out of the decision-making process and make it a judicial decision on facts. Gov. Crist was calling PSC commissioners and telling them how to vote, minutes before the vote, a couple years ago. And so he politicized it first and I think the reaction of the Legislature was to depoliticize it."

Open FL waters to oil exploration? "Not interested. We’ve had the debate. Not interested.”


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I like how easy it is for him to lie to the press he is almost believable. were going to vote him out along with the rest of his buddies that think they are kings. time to clean house


willie needs to be fired - he's one of the worst in Tallahassee....

Paul D. Harvill

Today and for all of our history in Florida, we have a cancer on the body politic.

Amendments 5 and 6 are the radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer will hopefully go into remission; yet the cancer is always lurking in the body politic.

The cancer still lurks in the form of legalized extortion and legalized bribery. This will require massive surgery as well as radiation and chemotherapy.

As the old ad campaign stated: "Come to Florida. The rules are different here." The rules have now changed in our Florida Constitution as Article 3, Sections 20 and 21.

In addition to faithfully implementing the two amendments, I urge the Legislature to adopt former Speaker H. Lee Moffitt's brilliant idea of "nesting" three House districts into one Senate district.

Let's get to work on creating the best redistricting in Florida history.

Paul D. Harvill


He is answering questions!

Leon Elledge

The redisctricting process:
I oppose any plan to use any lines that cross county lines or water down county votes. I oppose them because they are designed to please the national parties and not to serve the residents of each county. If people want to live in the county OK If they want to make each district uniform in terms of population demographics, race or registration, it is the worst kind of politics. We all moved to the county we live in for a reason. If someone in a nearby oounty wants to join us OK, but not via an arbitray plan.


This conundrum ealrevs the disconnect between partisan political rhetoric and actual real world application of policy. As a sheriff, White he realizes that more deputies are needed to combat the changing face of crime in Pasco County this of course is in contrast to the current partisan rhetoric for less government and less spending. In the end our politicians cynically spew meaningless partisan rhetoric to manipulate the electorate and maintain their own positions of power with no real concern with truth or reality or what policies are in the best interest of the citizens of the nation. When in this case Sheriff White attempts to serve the interests of county residents as he sees them in his professional capacity, he is attacked by the leaders of his own county Republican Party as a RINO, a traitor to their partisan political rhetoric. Of course I suggest that these same leaders , if in need of the services of the the PCSD and response time is delayed due to lack of deputies on the street, take personal responsibility for the situation they created.

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