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ACLU: Missing e-mails an 'ongoing saga' for Scott administration

The ACLU of Florida Executive Director Howard Simon reacts to our story (read it here) about Gov. Rick Scott's transition e-mails:

The reports that Governor Scott’s transition team deleted email accounts which contained public records are just the latest chapter in the Scott administration’s ongoing saga of disregard for the constitutional requirement of open government.

Time and again, the Scott administration has violated the public trust with its disdain for transparency. Now, with public records that the law requires be kept potentially being deleted, the public trust isn’t all that may have been violated.

We are disappointed, but not surprised, that once again this administration has let down Floridians who expect transparency, openness, and honesty from their government.


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David Kearns

There is no "may" or "could be" or "sorta maybe" this is a violation of Government in the Sunshine: one count for each public record deleted. Any cub reporter with one year in a newsroom can tell you this. When one runs for public office, this is one of the things his or her legal team TELLS the candidate the closer they get to that office. There is NO EARTHLY EXCUSE FOR THIS OTHER THAN ABSOLUTE BAD FAITH. NONE. This behavior is CRIMINAL PUNISHABLE BY MASSIVE FINES AND JAIL TIME.

Harold Harcourt

Scott proves (again) that all cockroaches and burglars like to do their work in the dark, unobserved. And what a lame excuse... As the Churchlady says: 'How Convenient!!'

Karen Michelle Schrader

Subpena the email servers backups for immediate seizure and have it executed with a dozen State Troopers present to do the search and seizure.

All data on those servers are backed up daily in incremental backups and multiple full backups. Any Network Administrator worth their paycheck does this without question to comply with discovery laws and you can bet these tapes still exist.

joe blow

looks like it's time for Dick Scott to go to be impeached and go to prison.
poor Dick didn't know you couldn't plead the 5th amendment when you're governor.

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