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Beware the tea party, Jesse Jackson, Frederica Wilson and black Democrats say at jobs meeting

Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus are in Miami Tuesday to host a jobs fair, part of their five-city tour to draw attention to high unemployment, particularly in the black community.

But at a town-hall style meeting the members held Monday night, some of the most heated talk centered not on jobs but on the tea party.

"The real enemy is the tea party –- let's remember that," said Rep. Frederica Wilson of Miami Gardens, host of the meeting and jobs fair. "The tea party holds Congress hostage…They have one goal in mind, and that's to make President Obama a one-term president."

She got energetic applause from the crowd of hundreds at Mt. Hermon AME Church in Miami Gardens. So did Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who recently said the tea party should "Go straight to hell."

"I'm in church. I'm not going to repeat that," Waters said Monday.

She also said: "We have to stand up and fight. It's fight time...We're not afraid of the tea party…In this struggle, we have to define who we are, what the president is doing and not let our voices be overshadowed by the tea party."

Waters kept at it when Don Graves, executive director of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness at the White House, said an obstacle to creating jobs is "folks who are going to stand in the way and block the legislation that the Congressional Black Caucus has proposed."

"What people are you talking about?" Waters interrupted. "Say tea party. Say it!"

"It was Tea Party Republicans," Graves said, adding that "the president is focused on every community across the country," though "certain communities have been harder than other communities."

"Can you say black?" Waters said.

"Black, African-American, Latino –- we're going to focus on getting people back to work," Graves said meekly, while moderator Tamron Hall of MSNBC called for decorum.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was one of the 10 people on the meeting panel, asked audience members to stand if they had a family member in jail, a home in foreclosure, credit card debt. Practically the entire room stood up when he asked who had voted for Obama.

The tea party opposing Obama, Jackson said, should be called the "Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states' rights and slavery." (Apparently he read this article in Salon.)

"The tea party is a new name on an old game," he said. "Dr. King fought a 'tea party' in Alabama...He had no weapons, but he confronted the tea party."

Rep. Alcee Hastings of Broward -- who early on in the meeting said "the tea party is the Republican Party" -- later urged the panel to play down the power of the tea party.

"I'm not going to continue down the path of giving them all this credit," Hastings said, telling the crowd to register to vote. "Turn the tea party upside down!"


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We can only hope and pray Obama will be a one term president. Is this a surprise to anyone?


A bunch of buffoons. How about making an intelligent argument for a change?

Rick H.

If roaches could talk they'd have bad things to say about their "opposition" too.

same difference - if clowns like this don't oppose you, you have something wrong with you. These are exactly the sort of people who would run the country straight into the ditch if they could.


Obama may switch Clinton and Biden to help and line her up for 16.




I am very happy those who govern came to the community to listen and share with those most vunerable among us.It is hard to understand the problems from a distance. I hope many will take advantage of the job fair tomorrow.Remember, voting is your right. Exercise it. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!


"Out of a mountain of despair,
A stone of hope."

Dr. King championed a movement that draws fully from the deep well of America's potential for freedom, opportunity, and justice. His vision of America is captured in his message of hope and possibility for a future anchored in dignity, sensitivity, and mutual respect; a message that challenges each of us to recognize that America's true strength lies in its diversity of talents. The vision of a memorial in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that captures the essence of his message, a message in which he so eloquently affirms the commanding tenants of the American Dream — Freedom, Democracy and Opportunity for All; a noble quest that gained him the Nobel Peace Prize and one that continues to influence people and societies throughout the world. Upon reflection, we are reminded that Dr. King's lifelong dedication to the idea of achieving human dignity through global relationships of well being has served to instill a broader and deeper sense of duty within each of us— a duty to be both responsible citizens and conscientious stewards of freedom and democracy.

- In honor of Dr. King.


The president has done nothing to stimulate job growth. I'm a die hard democrat, but when he had control of both houses he did nothing. I think democrats need to stop blaming the tea party and start acting like democrats w a spine. They have bent over backwards for the tea party, and when they won in 2010 we knew what we'd get. Alcee is right. I hate to say it, but if blacks had voted in 2010 like they did in 2008 we wouldn't have all these new tea baggers in congress. It's time for democrats to take some responsiblity for the tea baggers getting so much power. You can't just vote for president or every 4 years...we also wouldn't have had Rick Scott had democrats come out and vote like they did in 2008.

Mo Better

It is difficult to avoid what might appear to be a racist observation, however, the old adage "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" applies so aptly.
The Democrats have been fooling the black community for 50-75 years or more. Doltishly, they keep coming back for more, and more, and more. Those in the white community are puzzled by this behavior and ask themselves often if there is a learning curve for blacks in America. Their absolute commitment to the Democrat party and to Barry Soetoro, both the most effective destroyers of the black family, seems to indicate they are beyond learning.

George Fuller

What happens when you take someone riding in the bus and let them drive it.....

david smith

This is an example of black-on-black crime.


Mo Better, it's good to know you're acknowledging your racism. I'm white, and I don't think I've ever been "puzzled" by this behavior when you have those "intelligent and rational" white Republicans in power in Congress not doing much to help poor communities, which in number are mostly white but as percentages of ethnic/racial groups are predominately black/Hispanic/Native American/etc. Tell me what they've done except talk about personal responsibility (thanks for nothing! How's that going to get food on the table again?).

To be fair, Obama hasn't outwardly been very effective in helping or speaking out for these communities, which is indefensible. With Washington the way it is, though, if he had he would have been excoriated.

I'm glad there are representatives that are at least talking about how much poor communities have been hurt by the recession, though they should probably be talking about poor people as a whole (including white people) rather than just minority communities. I see it more as a economic class issue than a racial/ethnic struggle. And the Tea Party is full of ideological idiots who don't care how destructive and biased their policies are. Morons.


Time to Balkanize the USA by race.


Maxine Waters, a shining example of the DNC new civility, eh?

And poor Jesse Jackson, bereft of any actuals facts, has to play the race card (Jesse, that means that you lost the argument).


They discounted us as insignificant a couple years ago. They're scared now. This article is encouraging.




I live in Germany. Just outside Dachau. You want racism? How about an extermination programme that saw over 5 million Jews exterminated within three years? Do Jews in Germany wear their trousers down to their ankles and then complain they can't find work? Does the Jewish community look benignly on as their musicians advocate Der Stuermer-like elimination practices on homosexuals, encourage anti-social behaviour and describe women in the most demeaning of terms? Do Jews use the Shoa as an excuse to engage in indiscriminate gang violence and criminal acts out of all proportion to their actual population? Why is it that, whether in the US or London, blacks feel they are somehow entitled to play the martyr for their own failures whilst Asians and others just get on with it and ensure their children live respectably and successfully?


Nice, really nice. The tax and regulate policies of the Democrats have wreaked havoc on the Black community, yet a little demagoguery and they seem to be more than willing to go back for more.

Dennis D

The bottom line is these members of the Black Caucus view the Tea Party as White. These attacks on the Tea Party are little more than Cloaked racism.


Cloaked racism? Blatant racism more like it...the democrats are preparing to use race as a tool in the coming presidential election because the have nothing else to stand on. It is such a transparent and obvious ploy. Jesse Jackson is a race baiting fool as are the CBC. Dr. King is rolling over in his grave as liberal idealism and racial division tactics are ruining what should be a unifying and glorious time in American history. Instead people are being pitted against one another in the name of social jistice. However, there is no social justice without harmony and this segregated congress- CBC has essentially segregated themselves from congress and America- is an unconscinable mess thanks to these divisive and hateful tactics.


Herr Jessie Jackson would like to see all Tea Party members sent to death camps.

Frau Maxine Waters would like to skin all Tea Party members alive, before they are gassed to death, and use their skin for lamp shades.


You know, that Terry Jones and the protestors of the 9/11 mosque, etc are always branded racist - but ISN'T THIS racism on display? Seriously?

Mo Better

Hey Foolishbeat - go back and immerse yourself in your "white guilt" B.S. While there you can shove your race card where the sun don't shine.

Criticizing the blacks for failing to see what the facts prove, and what most sentient beings acknowledge is not racism. Obama is racism. Holder is racism. Maxine Waters, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton - they're racism, reinforced by dumbowhites who couldn't pour pizz out a a boot if the instructions were on the sole.

The Democrats and their Margaret Sanger "the blacks are too dumb to allow them to breed" abortion policies are literally killing off blacks by the carload, destroying the black family, the black community, economically, morally and socially, yet some still blame it on the Republicans. Yep, the Tea Party ideology constitutes black infanticide. Thanks for the heads up foolishbeat - very enlightening - you can resume prostrating yourself at the altar of stupidity....


"I'm a die hard democrat, but when he had control of both houses he did nothing. I think democrats need to stop blaming the tea party and start acting like democrats w a spine. They have bent over backwards for the tea party, and when they won in 2010 we knew what we'd get. Alcee is right. I hate to say it, but if blacks had voted in 2010 like they did in 2008 we wouldn't have all these new tea baggers in congress."

Ok John, so if Democrats had voted in record 2008 numbers and kept a majority... the Democrats still wouldn't have done anything about jobs.

The only difference is you'd need to find a different scapegoat for the failed liberal economic plans and policies of the past 3 years.

You agree the Democrats didn't do anything... what bills have the Republicans stopped? Well there was the required annual Senate Budget... Ha, kidding, it's been 840+ days since they had one of those. How long is a year if their "annual" budget takes over 840 days to do?

Obama's budget this spring, that went down in the Senate 0-97 with nobody voting for it... I'll admit every Republicans in the Senate voted against it... along with every Democrat.

The Democrat's bill for the debt ceiling... ha, kidding again, they never proposed a single one for a vote. There was a claim of a "plan" that had no details, and was at least a month from being written and submitted by the deadline. Maybe.

So what are these "tea baggers" stopping in the way of liberal polices? Nothing. What the liberals have now as an economic plan... nothing.

What would be better economically if Democrats were still in charge? I can't see a single thing that would be improved.


"Rep. Alcee Hastings of Broward"

Should read, "the impeached federal judge, Rep. Alcee Hastings". I wonder if the people in that meeting and those blacks who consistently vote Democrat realize that they've been voting for decades for the exact same people and party and yet their communities are still in third-world status.


Liberals happily and deliberately poison the debate by calling others "tea baggers". Hey John, why don't you go back to sucking that scrotum instead of just talking about it.

Johnny sutherland

Govt dont create sustanible jobs know matter ur color

Johnny sutherland

If your in prison or have deibt or dont have job its not govt job to fix it and it sure isnt mine its yours dummy. Dont break the law dont spend more then u make and work 2_3 jobs if u have to isnt hard to do right and if,u do you will besuprised where u might get.


I hope the Democrats continue to slander and insult the Tea Party and everyone else smart enough to disagree with them. Come election day, voters are going to make them pay dearly for their Alinskyite attacks.


"....asked audience members to stand if they had a family member in jail,...."

I am sure that is whitey's fault.....it could not possibly be because they were criminals. LOL


It's about time someone stood up for the poor. Obama's opposition is being calledout as a selfish, fear-based, hateful, un-patriotic peice of political
AstroTurf. The cries of distress of our fellow Americans ought to elicit compassion, but no! Christian right wingers ought to condemn, not delight, in the social engineering schemes of billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

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