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FDLE opens investigation into Scott e-mails amid complaint from Alex Sink

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement opened its investigation today into missing e-mails from Gov. Rick Scott's two-month transition amid a complaint from Democrat Alex Sink about a possible conflict of interest.

The head of FDLE, Gerald M. Bailey, is employed at the will of Scott and the Cabinet. That relationship could pose a conflict for the department's investigation, Sink said. Sink, a former state CFO, lost the governor's race to Scott in November.

"This is outrageous," Sink said. "Clearly there were laws broken. There should be an independent investigation into why these transition e-mail disappeared into thin air." (Story here.)

This is the second time in a month that Sink has weighed in on a Scott decision. Most recently, she talked to the Times/Herald to dismiss Scott's call to freeze the federal debt ceiling as "clueless."


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Saint Petersblog

FDLE launches investigation into Rick Scott email scandal; Harris Media involved -



the FDLE should contact rackspace - they have the ability to retrieve those emails and will do so for a price.


All contracts that Scott's administration signs should be investigated. Start with "skills test" for unemployed, add all health related contracts,
the privatization contracts. They are not properly advertized and are given to huge corporations. And the approval of developments in wetlands. Just the timelines are violating laws for proper vetting of contracts.

Janis Lentz

Yes, Sen. Fasano blewthe whistle on the cozy contract to privatize the prisons with GEO--a big contributor to REPUBLICAN candidates, hmmmm. Leave the prisons as they are--run by the state and staffed by state employees!
As for the missing emails, shades of KKKatherine Harris and her shenanigans erasing tons of data on state computers, with Jeb's blessing! Ten years later, and NOTHING has changed in the highly corrupt Republican-run Florida government! The Justice Dept. needs to step in and look at everything Scott has done since January! We will NEVER forget the crime of the century committed by Jeb Bush to place his brother in the White House. The shame for all time upon Florida.


GEO donated $25,000 to Gov. Rick Scott’s inaugural celebration, $85,000 to the Republican Party of Florida from 2006 through 2009. GEO also donated $7,400 to the Rubio campaign. Is this in the missing email?


Well that bald headed jerk made his fortune defrauding Medicare so who is surprised that he is trying to run the state like "his business"? Was he really elected as governor or was this another case of election fraud that put him in office. It's amazing that so many people would vote for someone known for his fraudulent activities.

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