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FEC asks Rep. David Rivera to explain campaign debt

The Federal Election Commission has asked Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, to elaborate on why there's new debt on his most recent campaign finance reports.

An amended report filed in July from the second quarter of the year "discloses a substantial increase in the amount of debts from those disclosed on your original report," the FEC noted in a Aug. 9 letter to his campaign. "Please amend your report or provide an explanation to clarify why this additional activity was not provided with your original report."

Rivera, a once-prolific fundraiser, has had a difficult time raising money since he's been under investigation for his relationship with a dog track. Fundraising reports released in July show the Miami Republican took in just $33,500 and spent $40,584.82.

He spent $10,000 -- about a third of the money raised -– on fundraising consulting for Capital Strategies and GF Strategies. He also paid $6,038.13 to the Washington law firm of Patton Boggs. The report shows his committee's debts and obligations total $151,580.58, including nearly $90,000 for media expenses through the Victory Group, and more than $46,000 for fundraising consulting to Capital Strategies and GF Strategies.

The FEC has asked Rivera to provide an explanation for the debt discrepency by Sept. 13. "Requests for extensions of time in which to respond will not be considered," the agency noted.

Rivera, asked Thursday about the FEC inquiry, brushed off questions while at a book party for  Armando Valladares, a former ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

"You'll have to ask Nancy," Rivera said, referring to his campaign treasurer, Nancy Watkins. "They didn't send it (the letter) to me. They sent it to Nancy." 


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George Fuller

This guy should not be in politics.......

New Florida Senator

MARCO RUBIO & DAVID RIVERA share plenty, including Esther Nuhfer & Alina Garcia. Both of them are pictured here with Marco Rubio in Puerto Rico.


Nuhfer collects money from both Rivera and Rubio and is the focus of an ongoing ivestigation. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/esther_nuhfer/

Garica's daughter Alyn Higgins has also benefited from her Rubio/Rivera ties and is also being investigated. http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/15/v-print/2018396/investigators-look-into-rep-riveras.html

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2011/07/rubios-sunday-show-appearances.html#ixzz1W5meSSMM




1. Marc, really? First, this is a standard letter that the FEC regularly sends candidates which fall into debt (which occurs extremely frequently).
2. Stop shaving your arms. You're 50, and are not a body builder.
3. Even though you might hold liberal views, no other member of congress works harder than Rep. Rivera. Rep. Rivera is consistently re-elected by the constituents, by a large margin if I may add, within his district because he honorable represents them on a daily basis.


Corruption is neither liberal or conservative.
While the FEC is asking about this...the FBI and IRS have far more important questions to ask. What has not been looked in to is the money Rivera paid himself with his state campaign accounts (look to the credit union).

Rivera's going down, down, down

HaHaHaHa!!! Oh my, these stories just make my day! Rivera so deserves all he is getting and more! Don't worry Mr. Fuller, he won't be in politics after this next election. But wait! Maybe he will. Do they have the equivalent of a student council in prison? Maybe he could run for cell block president. HaHaHaHa!


Shameful stuff. And yet, so common among politicians nowadays.

Col. Kurtz

Ester is everywhere: allegedly under investigation by the FBI, was involved in the dog track contract, she worked for David when he was dade Cty GOP Chairman, she was a lobbyist before his committee when he was chairman in talahassee, she worked on his state senate and state house campaigns, and she was the finance director of his US Congress campaign, and she is still making campaign calls this month for Rivera's fundraiser with Rep. Mica in Miami.

Col. Kurtz

how many amended forms does this guy send in? why cant' he get it right? he amended his federal and state financial disclosure forms, now he amends his FEC form. And he never takes responsibility. "There's no investigation I'm aware of". "Ask nancy". "No comment".


David Rivera has never been RE-ELECTED to Congress. He is a freshman rep, G. And the only hard work he has done since being elected to the US House has been consulting with legal and finding ways to dodge scrutiny by several investigating agencies. This also isn't about the fact he is spending more than he is raising. It is about the fact he lied about his sources of personal income on his candidate disclosures. If you insist on defending Rivera, figure out what he is accused of first. But a much better course of action would be to stop defending him at all. He has lawyers for that. Most Republican leadership have realized Rivera is going down.


JEB BUSH is jealous of Rivera! He thinks Rivera's seat belongs to him. Hahahahahah!!! This is exactly what's wrong with our country!!! Maybe Jeb didn't get the memo, but the people of America elect their representatives. You can plan all day long Jeb Bush, but you can't manipulate the voters. Rivera actually works hard for his constituents. He doesn't waste his time on sabotaging other people's success.
Get a life Jeb Bush!

col. kurtz

is rivera now saying that he didnt know his own campaign filed an amended report? thats his explanation?

I have the goods on Rubio

How much do you sell your soul for Marc Caputo? How much is a herald article worth? How do I pass you a few bucks to write the TRUTH about Marco Rubio?

Lobster bisque

Bgwaters, col. Kurtz, Jacob.... Is that you Jebby? I know your style. Why do you hate Rivera so much? David is a really good person, with good intentions. Let's get together at Christy's and talk it over before this gets any worse. Trust me it can definitely get much worse. What do you say?

Bobby Fuller

Thank you David Rivera for your hard work and dedication.
We are proud of you.

col. kurtz

Good intentions are only 10 pennies of a dollar.
how did Rivera get into this mess? by shooting his own foot.
has he explained the campaign debts yet?
has his nancy watkins explained?
has he explained the Magic city casino contract yet?
has he explained nuhfer's involvement in the contract?
has he explained where the money is?

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